Yonex Voltrix 7 Badminton Racquet Review

This racket is one of Yonex’s best!  With features that make it an excellent choice for any player, whether a beginner, intermediate or the advanced professional, Yonex proves this as I will describe in this Yonex Voltrix 7 review.

It offers you unmatched swing control and improved speed.

It cuts through the air with utmost ease while delivering shots with surprising accuracy and tremendous power.

Lightweight Materials and Construction

You get to make easier and swift swings with the Voltrix 7, thanks to the graphite and tungsten used to make it.

The materials make it lightweight, weighing between 80 and 85 grams.

With the low weight, you will not experience the arm fatigue common with heavy rackets.

The use of graphite and tungsten to make the racket also allowed Yonex to have the shaft thinner.

Having a thinner shaft, you will find controlling this racket easier and require little effort.

The Voltrix 7 also comes with a medium flex construction for the shaft.

This feature enables you to hit the shuttlecock with more force and keep your opponent to the rear of their court.

It also means quick response times to make your repulsions instant.

Clears will also be effortless.

Larger Sweet Spot

The Voltrix 7 features an isometric shape, with strings strung at lengths that are equal.

It provides you with a large sweet spot, enabling your shots to be more consistent and accurate.

It improves your overall performance on the court by giving you the advantage of accuracy.

A large sweet spot is not a feature you will find in many rackets.

That’s one of the reasons I recommend the Voltrix 7 racket.

The feature is indispensable especially if you’re a beginner and not yet used to producing precise hits.

High-performance Frame Design

The Voltrix 7 features a frame that’s designed to make your playing skills even better.

The frame’s sides are thin to reduce weight, give balance, and reduce air resistance.

It allows you to smash and repulsions that are more powerful.

The frame also features a Tri-Voltric system which makes the top extra strong.

With a stiffer top, your hits are not only precise but also powerful.

Being a light racket, having a frame top that’s a little bit heavier compensates for the reduced power light rackets are known for.

A concern I find common with the Yonex Voltrix 7 is with its strings.

It comes already strung and to low tension.

As a result, the strings tend to loosen even more after a few months of use, rendering the racket ineffective.

To avoid this, you can always have its frame strung with the string of your choice and to your preferred level of tension.

Doing so allows you to use better quality and more durable string that will serve you for long.


If you’re looking for a racket that combines power and speed to improve your performance, consider the Voltrix 7.

It has a solid feel, improved maneuverability, and better hit accuracy.

Being light, the racket will not get your wrists hurting after a game.

With this racket, you stand to achieve greater swing speeds and your ability to make clears, serves, smashes, and more will improve.

Get the Yonex Voltrix 7 badminton racket and experience the great play benefits it offers.

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