Yonex Voltric Lite Badminton Racket Review

Few rackets can beat the performance of the Yonex Voltric Lite Badminton Racket. Although more suited for beginners, the Yonex Voltric Lite can be used by any badminton player, whether new or experienced. It’s a racket that makes your smashes powerful, your shots accurate, and your swings fast.

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Features of the Yonex Voltric Lite

Flexible Shaft

The racket features a shaft that’s slightly flexible. Now, this benefits you in several ways.

It means your repulsions are going to be so strong that your opponent will consider giving up.

It also means you will require little effort to give powerful smashes.

The flex in the shaft increases the energy that gets transferred to the shuttle.

As a result, you’re always sure to send the shuttle flying with utmost speed and momentum at all times.

The shots you give when using this racket are sure to surprise your opponent, in addition to being effortless.

Isometric Design

This product comes with a string-bed that’s square shaped.

The strings are made to be at equal distances from one another, resulting in a relatively larger sweet spot.

A large sweet spot in a racket is the desire of every player, especially if you’re starting out.

It enables you to hit the shuttle with precision as well of power.

With the improved control of the shuttlecock, you will easily direct it to where your opponent won’t likely achieve a save.

It will help to make competitive matches to be in your favor. During training, developing new skills won’t be an uphill task.

Excellent Weight Distribution

The Voltric Lite is made from sturdy and lightweight materials. It makes controlling it a breeze.

Swinging it is also effortless, and won’t drain your energy as to make you tire out easily.

Because of the improved maneuverability, you’re able to achieve hits that are more accurate when using this product.

The racket is also head heavy. It makes your shots stronger since there’s more energy that gets transferred to the shuttle.

You will garner points with ease when using this model, compared to when using a racket with a lighter head.

You’re also able to feel the movement of the racket all through to improve your concentration on the game.

Defect: The Voltric Lite comes pre-strung, which presents one problem. The strings are not durable enough. They tend to break down too soon, although it depends on how frequently you use the racket. Since you’re going to be using this product for quite some time, this can be discouraging. I would suggest that you get around this problem by obtaining quality strings to replace the factory ones.


With great features characteristic of rackets from Yonex, this model offers you unmatched quality. On top of being durable, it allows you to play with agility. You will hit the shuttle with speed, power, and accuracy when using it.

If you’re undecided on what racket is suitable for you, I would advise you to get the Yonex Voltric Lite today. The benefits you will get from it are many. You will have taken your first step toward becoming a better badminton player.

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