Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket Review

This racket is built for that badminton player looking to bring out the best in them.

It features the superior technologies Yonex is known for. From design to materials used, you will find it exceptional.

Using it on the court or training places ensures your performance keeps on getting better.

Read Yonex Voltric 5 Review below to know the features that make this model worth buying.

Features of the Voltric 5

Tri-Voltage System

The Voltric 5 is a heavy head racket.

You would expect this to have compromised its ability to move through the air smoothly.

But that’s not so. Yonex utilized a unique design on this model called a tri-voltage system.

It involves weighing the head at three points on its head.

Using this design, the frame remains thin to improve the racket’s aerodynamics while still giving a heavy head product that provides maximum hitting power.

It also feels stable enough to make maneuverability better. This feature of the Voltric 5 is one you will find absolutely useful.

Excellent Aerodynamics

This model comes with a higher capability to cut into the air with ease.

Both the shaft and frame are thin enough to reduce the resistance the racket experiences as you swing it to attack and defend.

As a result, your agility on the court will improve tremendously when using this option.

You will experience less fatigue since you will not need to use much effort to move the racket.

What’s more, you will have better control of your hits. You will be able to time them correctly and execute them with high precision.

Head Heavy Construction

The head heavy design of this model offers you several advantages.

It allows you a solid feel of your swings so you can direct them in a perfect way.

A heavy head also means more power to your hits.

Your smashes are bound to be heavier, to the surprise of your opponent.

If you’re the attacking player looking to pressure your competitor more by power smashes, the head heavy construction will be to your favor.

The racket will allow you to win rallies with ease. Your shots will also be too powerful for your competitor to handle.

This model is an excellent choice if you want to perform superbly.

It comes with great features to allow you this.

But if you’re a beginner, you might find the heavy head a burden.

It might slow you down and make your hits delayed.

It may not be a major problem, though, because you will still achieve powerful smashes to compensate for the drag.

Besides, you can always practice speeding up your swings to a level that a heavy head won’t be a bother.


The Voltric 5 is designed to improve your badminton sportsmanship.

It combines the different hi-tech designs from Yonex to give a racket worth investing in.

It’s a product that gives you value for money.

What’s more, this model comes at a price that’s quite affordable.

If you want to experience the benefits of this racket, get it today and change the way you play badminton.