Yonex Nanoray 800 Badminton Racquet Review

This racket from Yonex comes with features that make it suited for even the advanced player.

It offers speed, power, and maneuverability.

To give you the best of experience, the Nanoray 800 uses Yonex’s advanced technologies to make it easy to control, increase precision, and deliver powerful shots.

Continue reading my Yonex Nanoray 800 review to find out what features make this racket an excellent choice.

Aero-frame Design

The Nanoray 800 uses an aero-frame design to enable it to minimize air resistance.

With the reduced air resistance, you achieve better swing control, and your agility on the court improves.

Reduced air resistance also means you will not use much force when using this racket.

As a result, you’re able to give powerful smashes to the surprise of your opponent.

Strong Light Weight Structural Materials

To reduce weight and allow you to achieve higher hit and swing speeds, the Nanoray 800 is made out of graphite material.

Sonic metal, a lightweight alloy with exceptional flexibility is another material used to make the frame.

The alloy makes the frame stronger, flexible and able to produce powerful repulsions.

Sonic metal also absorbs vibrations making the shuttlecock to produce a clear metallic sound.

The sound is capable of inducing pressure on your opponent to make them less competitive.

You will find the shaft of the Nanoray 800 stiff and able to give quicker repulsions.

This is due to the X-Fullerene used in the resin that bonds the carbon fibers in the shaft’s body.

With faster and stronger repulsions, you get to pressure your opponent more.

Isometric Design

Using the Nanoray 800 gives your shots more accuracy due to the isometric design used on the racket’s frame.

The design involves using an equidistant layout for the string bed to create a sweet spot larger than that of regular rackets.

If you haven’t mastered the skill of properly aiming your hits, a racket with a large sweet spot is what you need.

The Nanoray 800 fulfills this requirement perfectly.

Other features that make this model stand out include the T-joint construction which prevents the racket from becoming wobbly and ensures you use it for long.

The racket also features a longer shaft that offers you enough leverage to reach far-off shots with ease.

The long shaft also enables you to make rebounds with minimal effort.

While the Nanoray 800 racket is a good buy, its price can be a put-off, being on the higher end.

I find the price reasonable, though, given the many great features the racket comes equipped with.

It incorporates the best of Yonex technologies, resulting in a racket whose quality is way higher than that of other rackets on the market.

For its durability, ability to cut through the air with minimal resistance, stiffness and repulsion power, the Yonex Nanoray 800 racket ranks high.

It’s a racket that can be used by both experienced and beginner players.

Being lightweight, it doesn’t cause you arm fatigue, a problem common with most heavy rackets.

To get the performance benefits of the Nanoray 800, get one for yourself today.

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