Yonex Nanoray 70 DX Badminton Racket Review

The Yonex Nanoray 70 DX badminton racket is suitable for players looking for greater agility and racket maneuverability on the court. It allows you unrivaled control and swing speeds all throughout a match.

If you’re a defensive player, you will find its lightweight design a plus in enabling effortless clears. The attacking player is also not left out since the racket is capable of producing powerful shots.

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Features of the Yonex Nanoray 70 DX

Light Weight

The low weight of this model is an advantage to both skill levels; the high and the low. Experienced or professional players will find the racket adequately controllable for better swing speed. Beginners will find it less tiring to use, allowing them to play for extended hours.

Directing the shuttle is also easier when using this light racket. Same with timing. Your clears will be more successful owing to the maneuverability you achieve with it. If you’re yet to master fast swings and at longer angles, this product would be suitable for you. It’s light enough to enable you to do so without feeling clumsy.

T-joint Strength

One of the advantages of using this racket for your competitive badminton is its construction.

Apart from the strength of graphite and nanometric, it features a T-joint.

This joint at the point where the frame and the shaft meet has two benefits.

It provides extra strength and prolongs the life of this product.

The racket’s body remains adequately stable to ensure consistent shots throughout a match.

This allows you to hit the shuttle powerfully and without worry of affecting the shaft.

You also get a product whose durability is guaranteed.

Stiff Shaft

The Nanoray 70 DX features a stiff shaft. This offers you several advantages.

It means your repulsions are going to be instant which leads to more pressure on your opponent.

Combined with the head light balance, the stiff shaft construction ensures your hits are instant and precise.

If you’re involved in a fast-paced match with a skilled opponent, the stiff shaft is a feature that will come to your help.

The shuttle won’t remain on the string bed for longer than you need it. Most professional players like using stiff shaft rackets for this reason. It allows them enhanced agility.

To enjoy the benefits of this great racket, you would need to train yourself in using light rackets without losing hitting power.

It takes a short time to do so. Once you’re able to arc your swings to hit the shuttle more powerfully, this racket will become your friend.


To feel for yourself what the Nanoray 70 DX has to offer, get it today.

You will have made the right decision towards becoming a better player.

Your skills on the court will, no doubt, improve tremendously.