Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket Review

If you’re looking for a racket that allows you excellent attacking play, this option should make a perfect choice.

It comes with all the qualities you need for an impressive performance on the court.

With just the right skills to complement, you’re likely to win over your opponent when using this racket.

Read on Yonex Duora Z Strike Review to find out why.

Features of the Duora Z Strike

Graphite Construction

With graphite material and nanometric technology used to make this model, expect it to be utterly light.

The weight is ideal for fast swings. As a result, you not only hit the shuttle to higher speeds, but you will also return shots instantly to surprise your opponent.

The lightweight nature also means you can use the racket for extended hours and not feel fatigued.

You need this feature in a fast-paced match. When playing against experience badminton players, a right racket such as this one would be appropriate.

In addition, this racquet is very well suited for double matches.

Stiff Shaft

This model has one of the most rigid shafts around.

Now, this should be an advantage if you’re already experienced with turning the swing of the racket into power hits.

It may not be easy on beginners, but it takes no time to master transferring the energy of swing onto the racket’s momentum.

With a stiff shaft, repulsions when using this product are going to be instant and the shuttlecock speed incredibly high.

Your precision will be better because you hit the shuttle just on time and according to your calculations.

Long Handle

The wooden handle of the Duora Z strike is long enough for a solid grip.

It’s always easy to use a racket that accords you an excellent grip that doesn’t tire you out.

This model scores high on this, allowing for unrivaled maneuverability.

The long handle also makes the racket to have better leverage to make powerful smashes.

You will need less force to do so, allowing you to perform many of them during play. Being wooden, the handle is also durable.


The Duora Z strike is a superb racket in many ways.

It isn’t that it does not have any drawback, though. Its head is relatively smaller.

Although the construction of the string bed allows for a considerably large enough sweet spot, you will still find the small-sized head a disadvantage. It may lower your precision.

But that’s only if you’re just starting out and your accuracy of hitting the shuttlecock is yet to improve.

Once you get the experience, the small head won’t matter a lot.

Besides, the racket would make a useful training tool to make you shuttle-hitting prevision better.


For the performance it allows you when playing badminton competitively, I would highly recommend this racket.

It can turn you into a great player. Your hits are going to be both powerful and instant.

Swinging the racket will be effortless, and the leverage when hitting the shuttle excellent.

For exceptional play on the court coupled with enhanced agility, get the Yonex Duora Z Strike.

It’s a choice you will ever feel proud to have made.

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