Yonex B 5000 Review

The Yonex B-5000 is a unique model with features to suit mostly beginners. If you’re just starting to play badminton, or are yet to become a pro, this product will make an excellent choice.  With it, you stand to train in a less stressful way. The racket won’t tire you out quickly, and controlling it is also easy. Read on Yonex B-5000 Review to find out the reason its perfect for you.

Features of The Yonex B-5000

Rigid Durable Construction

Both the frame and shaft of this product are sturdy enough to offer you a solid feel when using it.

The shaft is tempered steel while the frame is aluminum.

This makes the racket not only balanced but also rigid enough for improved precision.

You will hit the shuttle better since your accuracy will be higher.

That means more sweet spot shots and a well-directed shuttlecock.

Being a beginner, you will need this feature to help improve your play.

Being all metal, this option is sure to last. It resists breakage and wears better compared to most other rackets.

You will be using it for many days, saving you money in the long run.

lightweight Build

The racket is in the light “U” class. It’s so light you can use it for hours without wrist and shoulder fatigue.

It means more time for training before you feel exhaustion creep in.

It also means better performance on the court because you can remain active for longer.

On to of all this, the lightness of the B-5000 allows you to control it easily so you can play better.

You will make faster swings that are also well-timed.

This gives you an advantage throughout a match as you can perform tricks with ease to surprise your opponent.

Large Sweet Spot

Being a beginner racket, this model features a sweet spot that’s large enough.

You will not need to worry about your yet to master precision.

This is because the large sweet spot provides for a higher probability of hitting the shuttle, and with force.

Your clears will be a breeze to execute and smashes accurate.

What’s more, the large sweet spot allows you powerful shots even when the hits happen to be off-center.

As a result, you’re able to maintain excellence for both offense and defense shots.

You will pressure your opponent more to make winning matches easier.


Of all the great features of this product, you may not like its handle much. It would feel too small if you have a big hand and take away the solid feel. However, the handle is perfect for players with small and medium-sized palms. Besides, the synthetic leather material covering the handle provides for grip you will find comfortable and firm on the hand.


The Yonex B-5000 is an excellent racket in many aspects.

It’s lightweight enough to allow you superb maneuverability as well as agility.

The rigid construction helps you to produce precise hits, while the mid-balance construction gives enhanced control.

If you are looking for a racket that will make training and competitive badminton easy, buy this model today.