Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket Review

Arcsaber 11 is capable of perfecting your skills in a way you never imagine

Consider the features of this racquet through the Yonex Arcsaber 11 review.

Whether a beginner or intermediate player, you will find it useful in giving attack and defense shots.

During a match, the excellent features it comes with will give you an upper hand over your opponent.

It’s a racket you’ll find useful during training and in competitive games.

1. Large Sweet Spot

The racket comes with a square string bed construction that was pioneered by Yonex.

The design enhances the area of the sweet spot. It’s a construction you will find to be quite advantageous.

With the enhanced sweet spot, you will hit the shuttlecock with more precision.

Rarely will you miss your attack shots and clears.

You will also be able to direct them better to surprise your opponent.

The shots will be powerful, too. It’s a feature that makes you a better player in both returns and serves.

2. Aerodynamic Shape

The frame of the Arcsaber 11 was built to experience as less air drag as possible.

It features an aerodynamic design to reduce the air resistance to a level that makes your swing of the racket effortless.

Because the racket goes through the air with ease, you’re able to concentrate the energy of the swing on delivering power smashes.

The reduced air resistance also allows you to maneuver the racket easily during play.

Combine this with the robust T-joint construction the racket comes with, and you get a sturdy product that accords you excellent play.

The enhanced maneuverability also means you’re able to react to your opponent’s shots in time.

Your hits will become speedy since you won’t be struggling to move the racket through the air.

The result is that you a match easily.

3. Stiff Shaft

The shaft of the Arcsaber 11 does not flex.

It’s the rigid type and is made from high-strength nanotube and carbon fiber technology.

This makes it both lightweight and sturdy.

If you want a racket that gives instant shots, then this model is what to look for.

The stiffness of the shaft means you do have to wait for any moment for it to make contact with the shuttle.

You hit the shuttle without delay, making short swings possible when using this model.

With it, you will achieve better timing for shots, whether smashes or clears.

You also get a better response for every aim you make.

Because there’s no flex from the racket, you can train yourself to produce powerful shots without having to make long-arc swings.


This model is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a great racket to buy.

The only downside I find it to have is the high price it goes for.

However, I find it worth it.

The outstanding features and cutting-edge technologies used on this model make it a quality racket.

I would choose it any time regardless of the price.

Get the Yonex Arcsaber 11 today and enjoy as the benefits it has to offer.

Your experience when playing badminton will never be the same again.