Wilson Strike Review

This Wilsons Strike review highlighting the pros and cons of the racked for skill levels to help you determine if this racket is right for you.

The Wilson Strike model comes with features that make it suitable for giving powerful shots. Besides that, it’s a good racket to practice playing badminton with as it offers the weight you will need to train on endurance and swing speed.

Whether beginning to play or looking to advance your skills to higher levels, you will find this product worth having.

Features of the Wilson Strike

Stiff Shaft and Frame

The shaft and frame of this model is rigid, where this design is desirable if you are after agility and defensive play. It allows you to hit the shuttle quickly and propel it to great speeds. When using it to train, you get to improve your precision. You also get to master transferring the force of the swing onto hitting the shuttle.

When playing competitively, the stiff shaft allows you to make instant repulsions, which you’ll agree this feature is important if involved in high-speed matches such as singles or if your opponent’s agility is on a higher level.

Heavy Construction

The Wilson Strike is among the heavy rackets.

If you’re looking for smashes that are utterly powerful, this feature is the one to look for in a racket.  Without requiring a lot of effort, you will hit the shuttle with incredible force when using this heavy racket.  Another way this feature would be of help is when training your hand to develop endurance. You would need a heavy model such as this one that helps your hand to bear weight better.

After a good number of practice sessions using the Wilson Strike, you will find you can play for longer without feeling tired. Later, you will be in a position to use any racket, whether heavy or light, with ease. You will maintain agility better on the court and win matches with ease.

Strong and Durable

This model features a sturdy construction at the point where the shaft joins the frame. To make the racket maintain rigidity for long, the joint is a “T” design. The result is a product whose durability is guaranteed.

It’s unlikely that it will break or become weak at the joint. It assures you of unaffected performance, and for long. If you’re looking for an option that will not let you down, this one should be among your considerations.


The Wilson Strike comes with attributes you will love for the improved performance they accord you. Despite this, some players who are used to light rackets may find it a bit too heavy. They might find their swing speed lowered as well as maneuverability. But that is only because of their hands being accustomed to lightweight models. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. This racket only takes a few days to get used to. Within no time, you will like the heavy construction for the heavy smashes you’re able to produce.


The Wilson Strike offers you a unique way to play badminton.  It allows you to make heavy shots without using much force. Being a heavy racket, it also trains your hand to withstand exhaustion better. You will be playing nonstop without tiring out to the surprise of your opponent.

Get it today, and see your badminton abilities improve.