Wilson BLX Blade Badminton Racquet Review

If you’re looking for a racket that accords you power and maneuverability, this option would be a top choice.

It allows you not only effortless control but also powerful smashes.

The result is that you will come out as a great player, winning matches easily.

It will not even matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, anyone can use this racket to perform excellently.

Read on Wilson BLX Blade Review to see why.

Features of the Wilson BLX Blade

Head Heavy Construction

This model comes with a head that’s heavier for enhanced power.

You will produce heavy smashes with it that will pressure your opponent.

If you’re a player who relies on attack shots, this is the racket for you.

Combined with the other features of the Wilson BLX Blade, the head heavy construction allows you to have the upper hand when involved in competitive badminton.

Apart from the heavy smashes your will produce, other shots will also be powerful.

It will all depend on your shuttle-hitting skills, and which are bound to come out well when using this racket.

Flexible Shaft

A stiff shaft can mean no extra power is generated by the racket when hitting the shuttle.

That would mean shots that are less powerful.

That’s, unless you swing your racket too powerfully, which can tire you out too quickly. You won’t experience that when using the Wilson BLX Blade.

It comes with a flexible shaft that generates enough momentum for massive shots that will pressure the player on the other side of the court.

It means a higher likelihood of winning matches when using this model.

Isometric Head Shape

The string bed of this racket is a square shape. It provides for the larger area from which to hit the shuttle.

This, in turn, means enhanced accuracy. If you’re a beginner and find it hard to position the shuttle on the string bed, this feature will come in useful.

You will not need to worry about off-center shots because they will be considerably powerful and well directed. If you’re involved in a game where heavy hits of the shuttle are needed, this feature will be what you need.

One downside of this racket is that it can slow you down. The flexible shaft means the shuttle stays for longer on the string bed before being releases.

It produced extra power but at the expense of instant hitting. This can be a disadvantage if you’re involved in a fast-paced match where speed is paramount.

But even so, you can always take advantage of the massive attack shots the racket allows you and stay ahead of your opponent. By pressuring them with powerfully hit shuttles, you can turn the slowed speed to your advantage.


The Wilson BLX Blade allows you unrivaled play excellency in badminton.

It helps you to stun your competitor with shots they cannot stop.

With a large sweet spot, you’re assured of precision and a higher number of powerful hits of the shuttle.

It’s a racket you will find useful for competitive badminton.

You will maintain the lead all throughout a match to come out victorious.

Buy it today and turn yourself into a player who is always winning games.

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