Why is Badminton Played Indoors?

Badminton is a racquet sports game that is played mainly by using racquets. Racquets are used when playing badminton to enable the player to hit a shuttlecock across the net. Though larger teams can play badminton games, it is mostly played by ‘singles’ (one player on each side) and by ‘doubles’ (two players on both sides). Badminton game is mainly played indoors, hence considered an indoor game.

Why is badminton played indoors?

When you are play badminton outdoors, many factors influence your game, primarily the wind. Often, shuttle movement in both an indoor and an outdoor court varies significantly.

Even stamina depends on where you are playing. This is why badminton is played indoor.

Therefore, it is an indoor game because shuttlecock weight consisting of either feather or plastic is about 4.75 gm to 5.5gm. When we play outside, its course is deviated due to the wind movement due to which player faces a play problem. Badminton does not use a circular tennis ball but a shuttle. A shuttle is like a kite, with a wind guide. When you play outdoors, the trajectory and pace of a shuttlecock can be hampered by even the slightest breeze. That’s why badminton halls do not have fans built and just air conditioning. Often, it can hurt the racquet if you unintentionally hit it against the ground in an outdoor area if the ground is rough. If you are off by a large margin, the shuttlecock may be trapped in a hard-to-reach position or drain.

What are the tips for playing badminton?

There are several things to look out for when playing badminton. This is my solution first and perhaps not the only approach.

Badminton is both physically and mentally a highly demanding game, so being fit is the secret to being a successful badminton player. Daily exercise and especially stretching exercises and basic court drills, are critical. If you’ve more stamina, this game will take you a long way. Always eat healthily. Choose the racquet you want based on your game. If more attacking (more smashes) happens to be your game, a gutting with higher tension will help. If you happen to have more drops in a defensive game, pick your racquet accordingly.

Take the game seriously. Wear proper apparel and good indoor, badminton quality shoes. Do not hesitate to invest in badminton shoes of good quality, as they help you move faster and protect your feet with cushioning, thereby helping you improve your game. Improve the shots on the serve. When you happen to have an excellent service, you have an advantage over your opponent straight away, and you can control the game.

Play with different players. Each player has their playing style and strong and weak points. The more you play with different players, the better you’ll get to tackle various games. Your last resort should be backhand. Also, seek to pre-empt the shuttle. Only use the backhand when you need to. For most matches, forehand, with greater control, is better. Also, don’t strike smashes carelessly. Also, choose breaks with good accuracy and positioning.

Learn the grip needed to hold a badminton racket. Using the wrong grip while swinging the racket can cause injury; you certainly don’t want to continue your badminton journey in a cast with your wrist.

Know how to do the correct footwork. It’s vital to position yourself. Let’s say two teams are playing against each other. Player A is excellent at some shots, but he does have poor footwork and takes several needless measures to get to the birdie spot. Player B doesn’t have as many shots of consistency, but can make the bird over the net, and have good footwork, and can return shots that are hard to get. Player B would outsource Player A in the long run simply because they waste less energy on getting to the birdie.

What are the advanced techniques for playing badminton?

Anticipation: If experienced players just hit a shot and wait for the return shot, they’re ready to move in the direction where the birdie’s trajectory endpoints will be. Timing is crucial because if you want to hit a decent shot, you will want to be placed (in general) behind the birdie. You’ll need to get there to get after the birdie. If you can expect the opponent to hit a clear back of the court, you can start moving as soon as your eyes confirm that the shot is going deep.

Also, to set up your opponent for a lousy return using various shots in succession. Here is an example of one of the signature techniques of Lee Chong Wei. Next, LCW returns a bright side of the court to its backhand. He gets there in time, then smashes it straight down the court to the forehand side of the opponent (assuming the opponent is handed right). If the opponent were in the middle position, as it is going very fast, he would have to dive for the shot.

Finally, since the opponent has just dived, LCW then runs up to the net and executes a net drop in a crosscourt. This is very hard to get back as the opponent has to get up from the dive, and then go all the way across the court to their court’s left hand. As you become more used to playing badminton, you will know when to play those shots to help reveal flaws within your opponent.

What is the main rule in playing badminton?

Badminton’s underlying goal is to smash the shuttle, over the net, into your opponent’s court with your racquet. The shuttle has to land with the court’s borders, with slightly different dimensions depending on whether you play singles or doubles. If the shuttle lands before the opponent can reach it back, you win a point (Point/rally ends once it lands). Conversely, you can win a point when the opponent hits outside the court or into the net. Just one touch is permitted sending the shuttle across. In case you are winning enough points, you can win the match. In modern badminton, to win a set, you need to take 21 points before your opponent, and to win 2 out of 3 match sets.

What are the Benefits of playing badminton games?

Playing badminton would be suitable for your health. Several regional and health associations have recommended that you increase the heart rate for at least 30sec per day when you play badminton.As we play this game every day, it helps change our body’s metabolism.It’s a complete body workout.Between 2 or 3 games, not only for a particular part of our body, the whole body gets exercised.It helps maintain your body physique.Playing this game will keep you feeling good, solid, inspired, excited, and youthful. This helps prevent depression, anxiety, stress, and improve self-esteem.Badminton is a game that involves teamwork, and after a game or practice, it results in positive feelings.

Parting Shot

If you are looking for an indoor game, badminton is your favorite choice. One does not need to wonder if the lousy weather while playing badminton, unlike outdoor games that forces you to look out at the weather before you leave your house. Apart from playing badminton for mere entertainment, it can help improve your health. consider playing badminton game every moment of your life. What an exciting game it is!