Which Badminton Racket is Best for Beginners

Badminton Passion’s Best Badminton Rackets for Beginners

Have you ever asked to know the badminton rackets or badminton racket brands that best fit beginners? Well, your question will be duly answered in this article. Let’s see the badminton game even as a beginner.
As a beginner, how can one pull through with a good badminton racket? Badminton’s pace and instance acceleration, crazy double rallies, fantastic skill, speed, and reflexes are top insights that drive one’s interest. The playing style, technique, and knowledge of the single and double rallies have to be developed, and hence, an even-balanced badminton racket with a flexible shaft is top-notch for a start. But why does it have to be Even-balanced?

Badminton rackets with head weight are much of a stress for an amateur; this is a factor to select a good badminton racket. And these “head-heavy” rackets are best fits at the court’s end. The “head-light” badminton rackets have more weight towards the racket handle and allow for a quick move depending on the badminton racket brands. The even-balanced exhibits more power and speed than the head-heavy badminton rackets with a flexible shaft.

Badminton rackets are in three categories

  • Head-heavy rackets
  • Head-light rackets
  • Even-balanced racket
Which Badminton Racket Is Best For Beginners


A flexible shaft connects the handle and head. Indeed, you may wish to get so experienced and advanced in this game. You can comfortably play with a “Stiff shaft,” but for now, being acquainted with the flexible and medium shaft to control shots and give speed while developing technique playing styles. Now, isn’t this just what one would prefer? Yes, I suppose. However, in badminton, the most critical piece of equipment is the racket, and it should match your playing ability.


– Weight Of The Racket
This is usually denoted by “U.” The higher the number, the smaller the weight of the badminton racket. Yonex Voltric Z-force 2(3U-G4),2020, Yonex Astrox 88D (3U-G4) are examples of good badminton rackets, weighing around 80-100g is best. There may be a good badminton racket “Lightweight” Yanox Nanoflare 800(3U-G4) is our choice.

– Balance Point
It is essential to know the balance and ascertain that a finger is placed just slightly below the racket’s head, and you observe which way the racket tilts. Hence, there are 3 categories of balance.

  • Head-heavy, Sensor
  • Head-light, Yonex
  • Even-balanced, Victor

– String Tension
As a beginner, you do not wish for your racket string to sink at every stroke, so a 22-23 Ibs is an excellent beginner tension. Also, tension standards vary from region to region due to how temperature affects string tensions.

– Hand Grip
The grip of a racket is affected by 2 major factors: type and size. While the type is towel & synthetic grips, the dimensions are either big and small

Towel grips are sweat absorbent and soft, but players are prone to germs and bacteria.
On the other hand, synthetic grips are slick and less messy, but players are less comfortable due to their poor sweat absorption.

Oh well, I guess you have now familiarized yourself with the rackets, it’s balanced, and weight, and when faced with a choice of racket, the considerations to look out for before you choose.
But, Is the racket all you should be concerned about, especially in the field of play?

– Essential Badminton Equipment
There are essentially seven pieces of equipment you cannot ignore in the field of play if you are an aspiring shuttler and desire to have a guided match with the competitor most conventionally and professionally. These types of equipment need to be considered at any cost.

– A Powerful Racket
Again and again, this cannot be over-emphasized; your abilities are crafted in your racket. Can a short racket reproduce your abilities in full? Not! This is essential equipment required by a beginner. Hence, it has to be powerful to tell your hidden abilities if planning to take it to a professional level, especially if you know the best badminton racket brands.

– Shuttlecock
A shuttlecock is a lightweight object, conical in shape with a rubber-covered/feathered nosed representing a ball in badminton.
If it is a feathered one, it is usually 16 feathers fixed to a cock and given a leather cover. The minimum weight of the shuttlecock is 4.74 grams and should not exceed 5.50 grams.

– Court shoes
In badminton, you have to move about a lot, and this movement should not pressurize your feet. The court shoes are designed in a way such that they allow your feet to breathe without tiring. Remember, your hands and feet work in synergy in making you a winner. If not a winner then, the idea is not to get exhausted after a match is played. Notably, the shoes should not slip on the court. Yonex and Victor are popular brands for court shoes.

– Badminton net
This is of utmost importance for aspiring shuttlers who wish to play professionally in the long run. 5 feet is the speculated height for a professional match: the net edges are tapped in white, so the net’s actual height is visible – a fair game.

– Socks
Does this sound trivial to you? Well, it may, but it does have a vital role to play.
Sweat absorbent socks that keep your feet dry and comfortable are quality socks and hence a necessity. Trust me, cheap socks may seem appealing but will lead to poor play and overall performance.

– Wristband and headband
These are not too mandatory as long as you don’t have long hairs that interfere with your play. However, that can also be purchased for fashion sake which makes you feel super relaxed; aside from the good factors, wrist bands aid in preventing sweat from flowing to the racket’s handle, and the headband aid in preventing it from getting into your eyes.

– Badminton Apparel
Wearing comfortable apparel performs wonders, trust me. You don’t want to dress uptight for a match. Cotton T-shirts, either round-necked or collared, make you feel better than any other fabric T-shirt. The game of badminton requires frequent sweat, and hence wearing soft clothing is crucial so that the heat and sweat are absorbed, leaving performance perfect.


This knowledge comes with a piece of good news; you may not spend ridiculous money on a professional beginner badminton racket, all you need is a badminton racket brand Yonex Voltric Z-force 2 (3U-G4), and you can purchase from reputable brands, Yonex, Victor, Babolat, etc. at an affordable price.

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