What’s the Size of a Badminton Court?

Do you know the size of badminton court? Are you facing difficulty in answering this question? Are you aware of the lines and rules of the badminton court? Probably, many people do not know the answers to these questions. Even casual players cannot answer these questions.

Complete Dimensions and Lines of the Badminton Court

The overall size of the badminton court is 20 x 44 feet. Certain lines are marked around for singles and doubles. The side lines are marked for playing doubles and long service line for playing singles.

Some of the listed lines that are marked on the court are:

  1. Net Line: The badminton net is placed in the middle of the court and creates a 22 x 20 feet area on each side of the net for the player.
  2. Short Service Line: In the badminton court, the short service line is marked 7 feet or 6 feet 6 inches from the center line. The area that comes inside the short service line is also known as the Non-Volley Zone.
  3. Center Line: A line that divides the court equally between the Short Service Line and Back Boundary Line. The line delineates the left side from the Right Service Court.
  4. Long Service Line and Back Boundary Line: The back boundary line in the badminton court is the same for playing singles and doubles event. It is the outermost backline on the court.
  5. Side Line for Playing Singles: In the badminton court, the side line is marked 1.5 feet from the outer boundary edge i.e., double side line.
  6. Long Service Line for Doubles: The long service line for playing doubles is marked 2.5 feet inside of the back boundary line.
  7. Net Size: The net placed in the center of the court is 5 feet tall.

About Badminton Court

The court for playing badminton is rectangular. It is divided into two halves by a net in the middle. The court is marked with lines for singles as well as doubles play. But, according to the badminton rules, the court must be marked for singles play only because the size of the court for doubles play is two times the singles play court.

Overall, the complete width of the badminton court is 20 feet, but in singles, it is reduced to 17 feet. The full length of the court is 44 feet. A center line marks the service courts by dividing the width of the court. The short service line, the outer side, back boundaries, etc., are also marked at a distance from the center line.

Some of the things about the court and equipment are not mentioned in the laws of badminton like the height of the ceiling above the court, etc. It is essential to strictly follow the lines marked on the court as one can disqualify or lose its points due to any violation. Continue reading the write-up and know detailed dimensions of the court as well as lines marked on it.

The Bottom Line

As a badminton player, if someone asks you about the details of the badminton sport, then you must be answerable to him. The size of the badminton court is one of the essential things that many people across the world are unaware of it. It is not fair to play a sport without knowing such essential facts about it.

It is necessary to know every detail about the sport you are indulged in your casual life. If you know all such information about badminton, then you will more likely enjoy the game and put more effort to learn and play this game. Sometimes, you get embarrassed whenever someone asks about the badminton, its court, and rules.

This piece of information is very beneficial for your general knowledge. It takes too much time and effort to become a good badminton player, but if you do not know about the theoretical part of this sport, then it is not worth enough. Therefore, it is a must to have detailed knowledge about the sport so that one can become a good badminton player.

Now, you are answerable to every person who continuously asks you about the dimensions of the court, the lines, and markings on the court. After knowing such details, you will be more interested in playing badminton with your friends and relatives. You can also share these important details to your family members and friends.