Victor V-3100 Magan Badminton Racket Review

The Victor V-3100 Magan badminton racket is built to enable excellent control and perfect timing when hitting the shuttlecock. Using it assures you of excellence whether during training or in matches. You can also use it at any level, from beginner to the experienced. It also comes at an affordable price that gives you value for your money.

Read the Victor V-3100 Magan Review to understand more about this wonderful product.

Features of the Victor V-3100 Magan

Head Heavy Construction

There are times you will want to give powerful smashes when playing badminton.

This will often happen if you’re the attacking type of player. Powerful smashes stun your competitor and can also win you rallies easily. The V-3100 Magan comes with a heavy head that helps you to hit the shuttle with the utmost speed and force. This is a feature you will not find in standard rackets and which is necessary if you want to stay ahead during a match.

The head is also made of aluminum, making it sturdy enough to withstand constant use of the racket.

Medium Flex Shaft

The head heavy design of this model pairs well with its shaft. Featuring a medium flex, the shaft provides for a perfect racket control. The shuttle will not stay on the string bed for longer than is necessary, which improves precision for your shots. The medium flex also means you will gain some extra energy to help propel the shuttle to greater speeds. Combine the two advantages, and you have a racket that accords you unmatched performance on the court.

You will surprise even yourself for the perfect and tremendous shots you make when using this product.

Enhanced Sweet Spot

Do you always find your hits to be mostly off-center and poorly executed?

This can significantly affect your performance for both training and competitive games.

The answer would be to use a racket with a larger sweet spot.

The Victor V-3100 Magan achieves that so well. It features a head with a square shape for the spring bed.

As a result, the effective area for hitting the shuttle is larger than that of standard rackets.

With the improved area, your off-center hits will also be powerful and well directed.

It’s this consistency when hitting the shuttle that makes this racket worth your consideration.


Despite all the attributes of this model, you may find it not good at producing the most powerful of smashes. The shaft may not flex enough to give the catapult effect you would need for that. However, this shouldn’t come as a concern if you’re an experienced player. That’s because you will have trained on controlling your swing to hit the shuttle with enough force.

If you’re a beginner and would want to enjoy the benefits of this particular racket, I would advise you to train on the swing.

It will help you to fully enjoy the great features of this model.


The Victor V-3100 Magan is capable of changing the way you play badminton.

You will become a better player able to pressure opponents during matches. From agility on the court, hitting the shuttle with accuracy to producing powerful shots, it’s a racket that can bring out the best of you.

Get it today if you want to see improvements in your overall performance.

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