Victor Cruise 107 Badminton Racket Review

This all-metal racket is built for the intermediate player as well as beginners.

It hits the shuttle powerfully but without requiring much swing power.

It makes a good racket to practice playing badminton with.

If you’re an experienced player, it would also make the good one for attack playing.

Read on Victor Cruise 107 Review to see why.

Features of the Victor Cruise 107

Heavy Design

This model weighs between 90 to 95 grams, which is pretty much on the heavier side.

The result is a racket that gives you a solid grip.

You will feel it as you move it through the air, offering you better control of your swings.

The result hits that are well guided.

The heavy design also allows powerful shots without needing you to use a lot of force.

If you’re yet to master the skill of swinging your racket forcefully, this option is the one to go for.

Also if you’re an intermediate player and racket weight doesn’t bother you.

It makes the Cruise 107 useful for all player levels.

Stiff Shaft

If you’re looking for best badminton rackets that to produce instant hits, this model should be among your top considerations.

It comes with a shaft that does not flex, which means you won’t experience the delays characteristic of flexible shafts.

You can, therefore, time your hits to occur just when you want them to.

The result is that you play with precision. The shuttle will fall where you aim it to, allowing you to execute trick shots with improved accuracy.

You will also produce instant repulsions, something that will surprise your opponent.

If you’re involved in a competitive game of badminton, the well-directed shuttle and the instant shots are what you need to stay ahead of your competitor.

Isometric Head

The success and excellence you achieve with any racquet are largely determined by the area of its string bed.

A small area means lowered accuracy and, therefore, poorly directed shots.

It can make your performance to decline considerably.

With the Cruise 107, you won’t experience that.

It features an isometric design for the head, which enhances the sweet spot.

The result is a racket that produces mostly powerful shots.

Your off-center hits will also be loaded with the powerful force.


If you’re just starting to play badminton, the heavy nature of this racket might be a problem.

Also, if you’re more at home with light rackets and the extra weight of this model feels burdensome and tiring.

However, this may not be a problem if you’ve used rackets of different weights before.

Besides, it only takes a short time to train your hand to endure wielding a heavy racket.

You will not find the weight to be so much a concern after a few days of using the Cruise 107.


If you’re after a durable racket that will train your hand to produce powerful shots, this model would suit that.

Also, if you’re looking for repulsion that you will make your defensive play superb.

The Cruise 107 is a racket you will find suitable for many situations.

You will use it for training as well as for competitions.

You can also use it for both attacking and defensive play with excellent results.

Get it today for unrivaled performance on the court.