Victor Brave Sword 12 Badminton Racket Review

This racket comes off as a product you can count on to improve the way you play badminton.

It’s easy to control, allowing you accuracy in your hits.

It also offers enhanced agility so you can pressure your opponent more.

You can use it for singles as well as doubles and still perform superbly.

Continue reading Victor Brave Sword 12 Review to find out why this racket makes a good choice.

Features of the Brave Sword 12

Unique Aerodynamic Design

This option comes with a unique diamond shape design that helps to improve its aerodynamics.

With this shape, you won’t experience the drag most rackets are known to have.

You will wield it through the air effortlessly.

The design means better and fast swings that enable you to hit the shuttle with tremendous power.

If you’ve used a racket that couldn’t cut through the air effortlessly, you understand how frustrating and disappointing a drag can be.

With this model, air resistance will not be an issue.

Whether you use it to train or play competitively, the exceptional aerodynamics will astound you.

It will make everything else easy and less stressing. You will play superbly, plus you won’t tire out quickly.

Even Weight Balance

If you’re looking for a racket with a weight distribution that’s even, this one could be it.

The weight is also standard. At 90 grams, it’s neither on the higher side nor the lower side.

It means you won’t be experiencing the disadvantages of a massive weight or the inadequacy of a too-light racket.

The weight balance means enhanced maneuverability.

You will experience a solid feel of the racket while not feeling burdened.

It makes the product versatile enough to make your performance better.

It’s a feature that will come to your advantage, especially when playing doubles.

Medium Flex Shaft

The flex of this shaft is moderate.

As a result, you will get the advantage of the whip-effect, but not too much as to affect your reaction time.

Your hits will be loaded with power and the shuttle fast enough.

The medium flex nature of the shaft also offers you the advantage of using less effort to produce massive smashes.

In addition to making winning points easy, you won’t tire out quickly.

This is because you won’t be wasting your energy making powerful swings.

The Brave Sword 12 comes with features any player would desire in a racket.

You will achieve the agility and shorter reaction times required in such matches.


The Victor Bravesword 12 is a high-performance racket with higher capabilities.

It’s a model popular with professionals.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t obtain one for yourself and get a feel of what these professional players are experiencing.

So, get it today and become a better player who wins matches with ease.