Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket Review

The Senston N80 Graphite badminton racket is racket is built to offer you unrivaled performance when playing badminton. It cuts through the air without much resistance, allowing you to make swift moves.

The racket suits both beginner and intermediate players looking to better their abilities.

Unlike most products on the market, this model allows you to enjoy your game while also drawing points.

Continue reading Senston N80 Graphite Review to find out more about this quality product.

Lightweight Construction

If you’ve used a heavy racket before, you understand how clumsy it can be.

It slows you down and makes performing trick shots difficult.

It also tires you too soon into a match, giving your opponent an advantage over you.

Not so with this model. Weighing only around 80 grams, the Senston N80 is in the category of lightweight rackets.

It’s built using carbon fiber materials which makes it light yet strong.

Using the racket, you’re able to perform lighting speed swings and deliver shots too fast for your opponent to clear.

The lightweight nature of this model also means you can use it for hours without feeling tired.

It’s a feature you will find useful especially during training.

If you’re a beginner and looking to perfect your hits and swing speed, I would advise that you go for this racket because it’s lightweight nature.

Slim Shaft and Frame

The Senston N80 performs well in reducing air resistance, thanks to its thin design.

It comes with a slender shaft and frame to enhance the aerodynamic capabilities.

Under moderate wind situations, you will move it through the air effortlessly.

The improved aerodynamics also helps increase the velocity of your shots.

Because you’re able to swing the racket with speed, the shuttlecock attains an equally high velocity.

Your opponent will often find it hard to react to your shots on time.

Comfortable Handle

To improve your playing experience, the racket comes with a handle layered with a soft material for comfort.

The material features moisture absorbing perforations, too.

If your hands sweat a lot when playing, this model should make your top choice.

You won’t experience situations where the racket keeps slipping off your sweaty hands.

The comfortable handle also allows you to play for long without feeling numb in the hand.

Combined with the lightweight construction, you’re assured of incredible racket control and maneuverability throughout a match.

It gives you peace of mind when playing to enable you to concentrate on acquiring skills or scoring points.

I should say that this racket is among the best rackets you can get. Its quality is guaranteed, with features designed to help you achieve excellent play.

However, you may find the grip of the Senston N80 too thin for your hands.

It’s the only thing I find unfavorable with this product.

But, compared to the many other benefits the racket offers, it isn’t a major drawback.

You will still achieve great sportsmanship with this product.

Besides, the thin grip could be an advantage for players with smaller hands.


The Senston is a racket you will love to use. It will help bring out your best in the game of badminton.

Whether training, playing for fun or competing, you will perform incredibly.

The features it comes with are outstanding.

They will ensure you play with ease, efficiently, and skillfully.

Get one, and see for yourself the excellence you stand to gain in your matches and training sessions.