Li-ning Turbo Charging 7td review

This product ranks high for both control and hitting power. Using it assures you of superior play to win points. On top of it comes lightweight nature that allows you to use it for extended periods of time without fatigue. Continue Reading Li-ning Turbo Charging 7td Review to find out why this racket makes a good choice.

Features of the Li-ning Turbo Charging 7td

Enhanced Sweet Spot

The model features a sweet spot that’s not only large but also set higher on the head.

The large sweet spot means increased precision power in the hitting of the shuttle.

Setting it high enables drop shots that are more directed.

As a result, your ability to outperform your opponent will increase when using this racket.

It won’t matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate player, this feature benefits everyone.

Carbon Fiber Construction

Carbon fiber is one of the lightest yet high-strength materials known.

It’s what this racket uses for both its shaft and frame. The material means two things for the product.

First, it means the racket is lightweight enough to allow you to control it without much effort.

It makes your hitting the shuttle to be accurate and well-guided.

As a result, you can calculate where to send the shuttlecock so your opponent finds it hard to return it.

Another advantage of the carbon fiber construction is the durability it accords the racket.

If you’re looking for a racket you will use for long, this model would fit that.

The carbon fiber material can withstand wear and breakage better, giving you a racket that you will use in matches and training for many days.

Medium Flex Shaft

The Turbo Charging 7td comes with a medium flex shaft.

This means it’s just stiff enough to allow better control of your hits.

It also means the shaft is not too slack as to cause delayed hits that make you send the shuttle towards unintended directions.

Or, delayed hits that allow your opponent time to compose themselves.

The overall result of using this model is an increased performance from the mid-flex shaft.

You will have enhanced control of the racket, which translates to more points for you during a match.

Despite the good qualities of this product, you will find that it lacks the ability to give really heavy smashes.

The shaft doesn’t flex enough to add that extra energy to your hits.

It, therefore, may require you to use more effort to hit the shuttle.

This can be a problem unless you’ve trained adequately on improving your swing speed.

You can work around this problem easily by focusing on enhancing the speed at which you swing the racket.

It will enable you to give the racket maximum momentum to compensate for the reduced power of the shaft.


The Turbo Charging 7td is a great racket in many ways.

It enables you to play effortlessly while giving adequately powerful shots to surprise your opponent.

Being a light product, you won’t have trouble swinging it to and fro.

It also allows you to hit the shuttle with enhanced accuracy so you can direct your shots better.

Get one today to make your performance on the court a lot better than it is now.