Key Tennis Match Preparation Tips for Beginners

Playing tennis doesn’t just require specific skills, you need mental alertness and extreme agility. Your shots, moves and racquet swings need to be fast and smart. For this, you need to take care of various aspects, not just practice. Firstly, your diet and hydration should be taken care of. Also, a pre-match workout can be a great idea to get those muscles moving. You never know, top American players like Pete Sampras, Don Budge, and Jimmy Connors, might be swearing by these hacks for consecutive victories!

However, beginners must understand that tennis elbow is a common injury when the muscles and tendons of the arm are overused, as is the case with tennis. The symptoms include tenderness of the bony knob on the outside, which might radiate into the lower or upper arm, according to an article on WebMD.

Therefore, the first step to good preparation is to invest in an elbow brace or elbow straps, even during intense practice sessions. Another similar condition, called golfer’s elbow, can also crop up, which can be managed with a golfer’s elbow brace.  Tennis elbow braces offer an effective way to manage injury, by addressing pain, swelling and general discomfort, according to experts at Aidfull. Besides using the best elbow braces, here are a few winning hacks for your next game.

The Right Tennis Gear
The racquet must be of the right size, according to your body. Depending on how well-built you are, choose a racquet that is between 25 to 28 inches in length. If you are a teen, smaller and lighter racquets are also available for wide motion and arm flexibility. Invest in a good quality beginner’s racquet to avoid breaks and bends in between matches.

In the case of balls for practice sessions, you can choose cheaper ones, since the maximum hit-speed might not be over 200kph. Keep at least  5 to 7 balls with you, to avoid wasting time fetching them back after each stroke.

Lastly, don’t forget your compression elbow sleeves. They come in a lightweight, low profile design and can be worn under tennis clothing too. Place and attach them right below the elbow joint for the best protection.

The Right Food

Besides tennis elbow support with copper elbow sleeves, it is crucial to focus on what you eat before a match. Fresh fruits, granola bars, smoothies and water are crucial. You can also consider almonds, peanut butter, bananas, salmons, kale and oatmeal for an energy boost, which are safer choices than caffeine, according to an article on Everyday Health. They offer the required nutrients, like proteins and carbs, to help you stay full in a healthy manner. Try to avoid crackers, chips and micro-wave food right before the match.

Schedule Practice Matches

Make sure to play regularly with a partner, at least 2 weeks prior to the match. Try to practice your backhand volley, forehand volley, overhead smash, and basic strokes as much as possible. Don’t forget to wear an elbow tendonitis brace to keep your arms internally stable, mobile and to prevent strain, sprains or dislocations. Avoid practicing a day before the match, and let your muscles rest.

Stretch your legs, shoulders and wrists before picking your racquet. Wear the right shoes, hydrate yourself and keep your hair off your face. Making little adjustments can help you achieve better results at the court.