How To Play Badminton

Looking at getting better at Badminton? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This page will give you a bunch of insight, and handy links to learn how to play Badminton, and be the best player you can be.

What is the game all about?

The objective of the game is simple, that is to hit the shuttle over the net so that it lands in your opponent’s court before it can be returned. You can hit the shuttle fast, slow, high, flat or low. You can smash it with maximum power or use the most delicate touch shots.

A rally is started when the shuttle is returned. Each rally begins with a stroke known as the serve. This gets the shuttle into play, and from then on you will be engaged in a battle to outwit your opponent by using strokes which aim to increase your chances of winning that rally.

You can win the rally when:

– You hit the shuttle on to the ground in your opponent’s court. – Your opponent makes a mistake and hits the shuttle out of court. – Your opponent has committed a fault according to Badminton Rules.

Like tennis, Badminton can be played in singles or doubles. The diagram below identifies the playing area for each of those.

You shall always start to serve on the right and the player who reaches 21 points shall win the game. Please click here for a more detailed explanation on this Rally points scoring system.

Getting Started

Before you spend any money on the Badminton Equipment, you should get the feel of the game by trying it out. You can try borrowing a racket and a shuttle from a friend or to hire it from sports centers. Wear suitable training shoes and comfortable clothing which allows you to move and stretch with ease.

There are two sides to the racket head, the forehand face and the backhand face. You can hit the shuttle with either of them. Learn how to use the forehand and backhand grips first before you start.

Now, try a few simple strokes with the shuttle before going on court to play a game. Use the forehand grip and practice hitting the shuttle upwards with the forehand face of the racket. Change to the backhand grip and do the same, using the backhand face of the racket.

First try hitting the shuttle high into the air, then hit it more gently so that it stay closer to the racket. Next, hold the shuttle by its feathers with the fingers of your non-racket hand. Using an underarm action, hit it forward over an imaginary net. This is the action you will use when you serve.

Practice this action both on your forehand and backhand. In this early practice you should hit the shuttle with a flat racket face. Later on there will be times when you slice across the base of the shuttle with an angled racket face.

After a little practice, you will be able to hit the shuttle in different directions and to various distances. You can now begin to play badminton with your friends. I am sure you will love the game and want to play more and better.

What is shown here in How to Play Badminton is only the basic stuff… Click here to learn more of the available Badminton Techniques.