Badminton Racket Repair Kits

You can get your badminton Racket fixed at stores. That way, you don’t have to worry about the precise tension of the strings or the frame being too damaged. But then again, you can fix it yourself. Fixing a broken badminton racket isn’t very difficult if you have the right equipment and a pair of steady hands.

Wielding Options

Badminton strings and frames are light enough to be wielded with simple tools. You will need a plastic welder for this, of course.

  1. Pull out the torn or damaged string. Sometimes the strings nearby also get damaged so they should be tended to as well.
  2. Adjust the new string through the grommets and tighten it with a roller. You might need to tighten a few strings on the nearby rows as well.
  3. After adjusting the strings to your preference, use the plastic welder machine to wield the string and frame together.

It is, by far, the most effortless procedure. You can use a welder to fix a broken frame, too, though that’s a very temporary fix. Take precautions while using a plastic welder.


Using a Repair Kit

A badminton racket repair kit can be found in most hardware stores, and they come in various items like wire cutters, rollers, awls, badminton strings, etc. Even if you can’t buy this kit, you can make one yourself with a bit of effort. Here’s how you can fix a broken badminton racket with a repair kit:

  1. Pull out the damaged string and tie off the ends. Then discard it with the wire cutters. Nail clippers can be used as an alternative to wire cutters.
  2. Take the roller and wrap the loose string around it. Use the roller to tighten it. Keep your hands steady and use your other to check the tension of the strings.
  3. Now insert the through the grommet hole gently. Make it on the same side as the roller.
  4. Now that the awl is holding the tension of the strings, take the loose end and insert it through one of the nearby grommets so that it is pulled through inside the frame. Notice that some grommet holes are larger than others.
  5. Weave to the point it is required, then knot the protruding loose end around nearby strings. Make sure the knot is tight, you might have to use pliers.

Fixing your own belongings is enjoyable in itself. Make sure you take the necessary precautions when using these tools.



Taking care of your belongings is one way to not have them broken. How durable your badminton racket depends on how expensive it is. But nonetheless, you can elongate its lifespan if you keep proper maintenance.

Storing your racket in a suitable place is important. Make sure the storage is dry and cool. You should try soft or cushioned surfaces to keep your racket so that it doesn’t get damaged from any kind of unwanted force from the outside.

The grommets are those small rubber hoops through which the strings of the frame are attached to. Over time these rubber cylinders can get damaged or torn. If so, then there will be nothing to cushion the impact of strings on the metal frame. If not fixed, this might cause further damage.

Some may want the strings of their rackets to be really tightened. Too much tension can cause damage to the frame of the racket.

Fixing a badminton racket might be possible, but still, you should avoid coming to that point.