How to Clean Tennis Shoes in Washing Machine

Cleaning shoes in a washing machine – does it sound too good to be true? Well, you can actually wash your dirty tennis shoes in a washing machine. No matter if you have stepped on a giant pool of mud or got into some unfortunate situation, don’t ever worry about cleaning your shoes, because the washing machine will do that for you! Now, you don’t want to just throw your pair or shoes into the washing machine and expect them to be clean. Maintain the detailed instruction provided in this article to clean your tennis shoes with care and precision.

Can they be cleaned in the Washing Machine?

Cleaning your tennis shoes in the washing machine can be a very uncomplicated task, but you would never like to take shortcuts while performing such chores. That is why before you start washing your shoes, go through the following instructions for better and protective cleaning.

Detach the laces and insoles:

This is something you should never forget about. The laces must be pulled off to avoid twisting inside the machine; deposit them inside a separate sack carrier. You have to wash the insoles using your hands. Therefore, put away the insoles from the shoe and place them in a warm water solution. Add detergent to the solution to get rid of the stains and remove all the odors.

Add protection:

Prepare the internal environment of your washing machine before throwing your tennis shoes inside. Cover up the inside of the washer with 5-7 towels, sweatshirts, or blankets to prevent the shoes from slamming. If you love your shoes more, then for extra protection, insert the shoes inside a mesh bag before tossing your shoes inside the washer.

Fix the speed of the cycle:

Adjust the cycle’s speed with a low spin velocity to reduce the friction and to avoid unexpected circumstances. The cycles are always exquisite, which is why it is essential to provide the correct speed to balance inside the washer. The shoes will experience huge stress and will eventually come out of the washer having bruises if the cycle is not set correctly. Hence, use a gentle cycle. Regarding adding water, if the water temperature rises during the spin, then add gentle water. If it is not the case and your washer has a different setting, then choose cold water.

The final touch:

We all believe the myth that using more detergent cleans better. But it’s the opposite. More detergent will result in leftover soap on the shoes, which will make them rigid and will eventually lead to discoloration. So apply a regular amount of detergent for effective and safe use. Also, if possible, add pine oil at the beginning to the washer to kill the fungus. Wash the laces in the same way and then do air drying (always prevent the use of dryer for sneakers) of all the parts of the tennis shoe. After drying them up, put the laces in, and you will be back in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does putting shoes inside a washing machine damage it?

The washing machine can ultimately damage your shoes only if you allow it to be destroyed. That is why use a laundry mesh bag to protect your shoes or add pillowcases or towels inside to balance the washer and avoid repeated push from the drummer inside.

Can I wash my Nike tennis shoes in the washing machine?

All types of tennis shoes, including leather and fabric ones, can be cleaned using the washing machine. To be more assured, you may check the manufacturer’s guidance for cleaning directions. Also, remember not to use rough cleaning items like bleach.

Is it okay to wash my running shoes in the washing machine?

Well, the truth is, NO! Everyone wants to do easy work and give all the heavy work to the machine. But in this case, it will not be possible because the setting of the washer may be rough for your shoes and may destroy the adhesives. The chemicals and hot water may loosen the glue and will cause the parts to fall apart.

Bottom Line

No matter how dirty your tennis shoes get, this one simple solution will save you a lot of time and effort. Beside that, it will not cost as much as your electric fireplace do, jusk kidding. Make sure not to skip any part of the instructions if you want to avoid unwanted damage to your shoes. And remember, not all shoes are machine washable. So, don’t put your $300 leather shoes into the machine, ever!