Badminton Equipment

People across the world are initiating to make their career in various popular sports like badminton, tennis, cricket, etc. It is essential to join an academy to train yourself in any game. You must know everything about the game from history to techniques. If you are planning to make your career in badminton, then it is a must to know equipments of badminton, rules, history, techniques, etc.

Some of the badminton players need only a racket, a shuttlecock, and a net to play the game. But it is essential to know the dimensions of the net and how it should be installed on the badminton court. There are many types of rackets and shuttlecocks that are expensive and also cheap. The materials used to build them can make it costly.

You can read this article and get detailed information about all the equipment. A badminton player should not only be perfect in playing techniques but also in attire and components that are used in the game. It is a must to buy the equipment that is required according to the BWF rules and regulations. You can be a good badminton player when you keep all these things in your mind. Follow them and become a fan of the audience across the world.

In the following write-up, we will be discussing essential badminton equipments so that you can buy them properly and used them while training. You must know every dimension, materials, grip, etc., that are used in making the types of equipment. Go through detailed information about necessities that you will while playing badminton.

Badminton Racket

Badminton game is all about hitting a small object made up of rubber ball and feathers known as a shuttlecock in back and forth movements with the help of a racket. There is a variety of rackets available in the market. These are made up of different materials that make them lightweight, durable, etc.

According to the Badminton World Federation (BWF), there are specific rules of badminton rackets in terms of material, shape, weight, and form. Following is the list of the parts of a racket.

  1. Materials: In the old days, badminton rackets were made up of wood. Wood rackets are also available nowadays, but due to some issues, these rackets are abandoned in many places. Nowadays, badminton players are using rackets that are made up of carbon fiber, metal alloys, and ceramics. These are comparatively lightweight and durable.
  2. Frame: The frame of the racket includes a head, the stringed area, the handle, and the shaft. As per the rules of BWF, the frame length should not be longer than 680 millimeters or wider than 230 millimeters. The frame weight should be between 80 and 100 grams. The badminton frames come in different shapes along with large or small sweet spots. It can be more or less flexible according to the materials used for the construction.
  3. Head: The racket head holds the strings properly. It can be an oval or rounded shape with holes in its perimeter to lace the strings.
  4. Stringed Area: The stringed area is made with nylon or carbon fiber string i.e., interwoven to form the racket face. According to the rules of BWF, the dimensions must not exceed 280 millimeters in length or 220 millimeters in width.
  5. Throat: The racket throat connects the head to the shaft. It can be a separate triangular piece at the head base or integrated into the head.
  6. Shaft: It is the long rod positioned between the throat and handle. It is made up of a composite material like graphite. It can be stiff or more flexible, as required by the player.
  7. Handle: The handle is connected to the shaft. You can hold the racket with the handle. It is covered with a material known as the grip. It can be high-moisture absorbing towel grips that need to be changed frequently or less-absorbing and more durable synthetic grips.

Badminton String

It is necessary to choose the badminton with the right string that suits your playing style. You must buy a good racket with correct string thickness and string tension for maximizing your performance.


A shuttlecock or shuttle or birdie is the object that a badminton player hits with his racket. The birdie is designed with feathers to propel through the air. It is made in a cone shape with a tip of a hard cork. Shuttlecocks are available in a variety of materials at different costs. You can buy expensive shuttles that are made from feathers, and less expensive birdies that are made from plastic feathers. Sixteen feathers are attached to the base. The length of the feathers is between 2.44 and 2.75 inches.


A mesh net is used to divide the badminton court into two sides. It is placed at a lower height as compared to the volleyball net. It is attached to poles at the height of five feet and one inch on the sides and five feet in the center. The length depends on the event, whether it is doubles or singles. In singles, it reaches 17 feet and 22 feet in doubles. The width of the net is 30 inches with a 3-inch white tape, which is doubled over the top.

It is made up of vinyl along with leather or cotton top. At the start of the game, when the server scores in an even number, then the servers can serve the birdie over the net to the opponent from the right side of the court. If the score of the server is in an odd number, then servers can serve the shuttlecock from the left side of the court over the net.

Servers can serve from the opposite side of the court whenever they win a rally and a point. Doubles event of badminton has the same serving rules as singles except passing the serve. Serves can be passed consecutively to the opposite players on the badminton court.


If we talk about badminton court, then it should be 44 feet long and 22 feet wide in playing doubles. If you are playing singles, then it should be 44 feet long and 17 feet wide. If your facility is indoors, then there should be enough height so that a shuttlecock can quickly be passed across the net without hitting the ceiling. The height of the shot depends on the strength of the players.

Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes are designed better traction as well as the grip that lets you stop in time for returning the shot. Also, your shoes should be lightweight and well-cushioned to absorb the impact whenever you jump or land.

Professional players prefer heel cups because it is useful for prolonging the lifespan of shoes. Make sure that you should not wear jogging shoes as it lacks grip as well as traction. The grip of jogging shoes is also not good. You might not stop yourself in time to receive the drop shot.

You will get a good grip in badminton shoes when you wear it only on badminton courts. When the grip of shoes is gone, it will not be much effective on the court anymore. If you feel hurt in heels and knees when you land heavily on the floor after jumping, then the cushioning of your shoes has worn out.

If you want your shoes to last longer, then you must change the insole for a good lifespan. You must purchase a good pair of heel cups to protect your heels. These may be expensive, but it will save you from a lot of pain.

Badminton Attire

A pair of comfortable shorts and cotton or dry-fit T-shirt are a must for beginners, casual and professional badminton players. Some players like to wear hand grips, wristbands, and ankle guards. Every item serves a different purpose and provides comfort while playing the game. The attire of a sportsperson is also essential along with other badminton equipments.

Wrap It Up

Badminton is a professional Olympic game in which there are strict rules and regulations. The attire and equipments of badminton must be perfect according to the BWF. A single mistake by a player in the game can disqualify him and spoil his career.

You must buy all the badminton equipment that is durable, comfortable to carry, and lightweight. The racket with perfect string tension and good grip handles is suitable for making the perfect shot. On the other hand, the shuttlecock must be lightweight and made up of feathers so that it can float easily by the air. Badminton is a disciplined game that should be played by following its rules.

If you are seeking a career in badminton, then it is essential to know about the badminton equipment along with techniques. The attire and presentation of a player play an important role in playing professional tournaments and events. Judges and millions of fans admire the players and everything about them. A player must be professional enough that he must take care of the best equipment to play the game.