Rackets by Dynamic Shuttle Sports Review

Dynamic shuttle sports is a company that manufactures badminton equipment.

They design and manufacture their own products.

Badminton equipment in the market are usually either too expensive or of poor quality, and their aim is to produce those of good quality and sell at affordable prices.

Dynamic Shuttle Sports manufacture a variety of badminton equipment including bags, rackets, overgrips, shuttlecocks, and shirts. All their products come with a good range of colors to choose from.

Dynamic Shuttle Sports was formed by badminton fanatics who love the sport just as much as you do. Their drive to manufacture badminton equipment came as a result of wanting to produce quality yet inexpensive products to the market.

Their designs are similar to those of their counterparts, the Yonex brand, which compare to them, but of low quality and way pricey. The founders also use their products which gives them first-hand experience with them.

Relating to their products give them an overview of what exactly the player needs. The fact that they use their own products is amazing.

Dynamic Shuttle Sports rackets

Ares Red 68

It is the lightest racket among their products. It is designed to resemble the Yonex ArcSaber FB.

It is made using the ultra-high modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight and strong.

It can hold up to 30lbs and can be used by both defensive and offensive players, at all levels.

With an increased speed of 10%, you can use this racket as a counter-attack to players who hit hard.

You can take control of the game by turning the defense into offense and with its speed, you can catch your opponent off-guard.

This is an exciting thing about this racket.

Hyperion KV-100

It is made of the ultra-high modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber, which is light and strong.

It is designed identically to look like the Yonex Armortec 900. It is designed to have a heavy head which allows a 5% increase in speed.

Its head frame is packed with woven titanium, which helps to store and release energy. It works like the bow and arrow.

Its medium stiff shaft makes it good for drives and stick smashes. This racket is for hard-hitting offensive players, but can also be used by defensive players too. It is suitable for all levels.

Hyperion KV-100 is in the top of the racquets under 100 most worth buying.

Titan G-Force 7

It is very light and made up of 100% Japanese Toray carbon fiber and its string can sustain up to 30 lbs.

it is made for both defensive and offensive players who love to mix it all up.

This racket is for players who like to keep their opponents guestimate between offense and defense.

It serves both the offense and defense purposes. This makes it convenient and one need not buy two different types. It is meant to be used by professionals.

This kind of racket has a balanced weight of 82 grams, which is not as light as the Ares Red 68 which weighs 68 grams, and the Hyperion KV-100 which weighs 86 grams.

Its medium shaft curve allows the player to have better control at the net and gather enough energy to smash.


Rackets manufactured by Dynamic Shuttle Sport have a lot more to offer for their price, compared to other rackets that are rather expensive. They are designed well for intermediates and professional players as well as for beginners too. They are priceless and I would definitely recommend their products to anyone!

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