Double badminton techniques: Experiences and mistakes

In badminton, there are two types of play: singles and doubles. Each type of play will have different playing characteristics. With doubles, it will require players to react faster, more focused.

Double badminton is a necessity during practice as well as competition, allowing players to take advantage of their strengths and minimize mistakes. Besides, you have to hit the weak points of the opponent and promote the strength of each team. In this article, we will look at the double badminton technique: experience and mistakes.

1. Common mistakes in playing double badminton

While performing the techniques of ballistic and moving players often encounter some very important errors:

Weak mobility

In the technique of double badminton, the way to move plays a very important role. When you move poorly, you slow down and lose strength. More dangerous is to lose balance or fall and easily collide with his teammates to reveal the gaps in the field to the opponent. You can learn more about how to move here.

Like turning his head back

Leaning backward is the wrong habit of many people and especially new players. In badminton doubles, the speed of play and movement is very fast, so you will not have enough time to watch the team and watch your teammates lose focus and do not respond to the situation. It is more likely that you will have a “kick” of your teammates in the face when you turn your head back.

Make multiple crossings

In the technique of crossing the pitch is a good tactic, however, if using too much can be counterproductive. You will be captured and lost in surprise. Your opponent will judge what your next hit is and choose the best position to catch the shuttle from you. In doubles, the crossroads will give your opponent more time to react. This will lose some of the unexpected in some cases. So just use it when your opponent is in a position that is not convenient for picking up your shuttle.

Use too many clear hits

Suitable clear shots when you are defeated and need more time to return to the prepared position on the field to take the opponent’s next shot. However, with clear strokes, it is a very good opportunity for opponents with powerful smashes and an advantage of attacking. So if you frequently use clear, you have a chance to win for the opponent. So players need to perform a variety of ways and often smash, the drive will make opponents difficult to judge your demand.

2. Experience in the double badminton competition

Here will be 2 experiences in the most common double badminton technique.

When attacked by smash

When being attacked with smash attacks, you will most likely find it difficult to be a new player. To perform a shuttle phase when being attacked by smash phases you do the following:

– When the shuttle is raised, the shuttle is high, two people must choose the location of the stadium to stand, a person of the first yard, a person of the 2nd pitch should agree in advance with the pair with him. There must always be a player lifting the bridge high, a player removing the net or crossing the bridge and often the lower one.

– When the bridge is raised, the bridge is high, two people must choose the location of the stadium to stand, a person of the first yard, a person of the 2nd pitch should agree in advance with the pair with him. There must always be a defender to clear, a defender to drop shot or drive and usually a person standing close to the net.

– When defending, both players need to lower their center of gravity, their back slightly bent to make sure they do not lose their posture when defending, two legs spread wide, putting the rim of the racquet across the face, the wrist holding the racket is not too tight.

How to move and position on the field in double badminton

– When the service, servicer must actively catch the net, the shuttle just needs to cross the person, then slightly lower the person down so that the next person can see the demand curve, avoid excessive movement will cause the latter to lose focus and remove the shuttle.

– Only move along the yard if the bridge is raised, when the person standing behind the bridge, he must actively run up to the net. If you see that the person behind you has to beat 3 times in a row, you have to proactively step back to the back of the support.

– If your partner is weak and strong, the weaker one will stand on the net so that the person who hits is better than the court and the weak man’s duty is to catch the net. and when you are at the same level, you can play along the yard.