Carlton Kinesis Badminton Racket Review

The Carlton Kinesis is a great racket in many ways. It offers you excellent maneuverability, allowing you to win matches without difficulty. It’s built to offer instant shots, which makes it the racket to go for if you’re an attacking player. If you’re looking best badminton rackets to excel in the game of badminton, read our Carlton Kinesis Review for more about how this model helps you achieve that.

Features of the Carlton Kinesis

Light Weight

This product offers a level of control not seen in many rackets. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t feel clumsy in your hands.

With the enhanced control, you’re able to swing it with not only ease but also time your hits for unmatched precision.

You need this maneuverability when in a competitive game, and you want to stay ahead of your opponent.

Because there’s no delay in hitting the shuttle, you’re able to pressure them.

What’s more, the lightweight nature of thus racket means you don’t tire out too quickly.

It’s a feature you will find of benefit if the match your in is fast-paced.

Superb Aerodynamics

Many rackets fail in aerodynamics, causing a drag that slows you down and gives your opponent an upper hand. Not so with this option. Featuring Aerofoil Grommets and an ultra-thin shaft, it doesn’t drag. It cuts through the air as effortlessly as a hot knife through butter, allowing you effortless moves. It enables you to transfer most of your swing force to hitting the shuttle. Furthermore, you’re able to keep active for longer.

Because you won’t be wasting your energy to overcome air resistance, exhaustion when using this model doesn’t come easily. You will be able to practice or play in a competitive match for extended hours.

Medium Flex Shaft

The shaft of the Carlton Kinesis doesn’t flex too much and neither does it remain too stiff.

This means it won’t delay your hits while allowing considerable power to the shots you make.

This is what you need for attacking play; instant shots loaded with the considerable force.

You will play against a fast opponent without feeling pressured when using this option.

During practice sessions, the medium flex allows you to develop your badminton skills quickly enough.

If you’re just starting out, I would advise you to go for this racket so you can enhance your abilities within the shortest time.

This product performs well in many ways. The only drawback you will find in it is the lack of smash power.

Without the advantage of a flexible shaft, the force for heavy hits has to come from you.

This can tire you out quickly when you’re a beginner and you’re hitting powerfully all the time.

With time, though, this shouldn’t be a problem. You will have trained your arms to endure powerful and fast swings without fatigue.


If you’re are an intermediate player, this racket will help you to better your skills.

Also, if you’re a beginner and looking for a light racket that will make training and playing competitively easy.

Get the Carlton Kinesis today, and experience playing badminton in a way that will help you become a better player.