Carlton Aeroblade 6000 Badminton Racket Review

This racket comes with features aimed at helping to hone your skills as well as make you a tough competitor.

From weight, head size, to flex and more, it’s built allow you great badminton techniques.

Using it will see your level of expertise go up. You will also become a force to reckon with on the court, and win matches effortlessly.

Read the Carlton Aeroblade 6000 Review below.

Features of the Aeroblade 6000

Head Light Design

The model comes with a head light construction.

While some people might like head heavy rackets, a head light design has its advantages.

It maximizes the speed of the swing, allowing you incredible agility on the court.

Because playing badminton requires that you be fast, a head light racket such as this one is what you should look for.

Besides, you need a model that will allow you easy swings when you’re a beginner, and the Aeroblade 6000 suits this perfectly.

The speed of swings you stand to achieve when using this product will surprise even yourself.

Isometric Head Shape

You will love this product for the design of its head.

It’s a square shape that offers you several benefits.

The large sweet spot made possible by the shape means your shots are going to be more powerful.

You will play confidently, knowing that you’re likely to catch the shuttle on the sweet spot every time you hit it.

This is important if you’re a beginner and your precision is not that great yet.

The isometric shape also means better performance You will defend better since you’re able to take hits with more accuracy.

The shuttle speed will also increase and cause your opponent to feel pressured.

It makes the Aeroblade 6000 the right racket to build your presence during competitive matches.

Medium Flex Shaft

The medium flex of this racket accords you two benefits.

First, it’s not too much as to produce slow rebounds and make you lose the ability to time your shots or give speed to the shuttle.

Second, it’s not too stiff as to rob the racket of the ability to increase the energy transferred to the shuttle for powerful shots.

Using this model, therefore, means the best play experience.

You will produce shots that are both powerful and instant.

It’s a racket you will find useful for attack or defense since both will be executed with energy and precision.

Thanks to that, it will also be an ideal racquet for doubles matches.

I would recommend the Aeroblade 6000 any day to any player who wants to build their attacking and defending skills in badminton.

Its positive attributes are many. It’s a product that won’t let you down.

The only thing I find disturbing is its weight; it’s a bit on the heavier side.

However, the weight is ideal if you’re a beginner. During training and practice, a heavy racket is an advantage.

You want to train your wrist to take on weight and withstand fatigue, something you cannot do with a racket that’s too light.


If you’re looking for enhanced performance in matches or training sessions, I would advise that you pick this racket.

It comes with all the features you need to give powerful smashes that will pressure your opponent.

Your accuracy will also improve when using this model.

Get the Carlton Aeroblade 6000 today to experience the difference.