Can You Play Badminton When Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that happens to a woman. It is essential to stay healthy and active even when you are pregnant. A woman should do simple exercise for keeping her body active and healthy. But can you play badminton when pregnant? The answer is absolute, no.

When any sportsperson gets pregnant, it is difficult to leave the game, but it is essential to take a break. It can be dangerous to move around and do rapid movements during pregnancy. It is strictly not allowed to jump, run, bend, stretch, etc., during pregnancy. It is better not to stress yourself while carrying a baby in your stomach.

Is it Ok to Play Badminton in Early Pregnancy?

Some women think that it is fine to play badminton in the early stage of pregnancy. You must be cautious enough in the first three months of pregnancy. The fetus is unstable in the early days, and vigorous exercise may lead to miscarriage.

When a pregnant woman approaches the period from 12 to 28 weeks, she can do some exercises. After 28 weeks, the size of the fetus becomes large, and exercise may cause allergic contractions. Therefore, it is not allowed to exercise after 28 weeks. If you exercise during these weeks, then you may experience premature baby birth.

Reasons Why Badminton is Unsafe for Pregnant Women

Badminton is not much a safe sport during pregnancy. Listed are some of the reasons that you must consider and do not play badminton with baby in your stomach.

1. Fear of Slipping and Falling

Badminton is an active and fast sport that requires fast footwork to walk around the complete court. It is difficult for a pregnant woman to move quickly to pass, serve or receive the shuttlecock. There is a high risk of slipping and falling on the court. It leads to miscarriage of baby and losing a wonderful chance of becoming a mother. You can also suffer from an injury like a fracture.

2. Hitting of Shuttlecock in the Eye

There is a higher risk of hitting shuttlecock in the eye. While playing badminton in single or doubles event, the opponent serves the shuttlecock targeted to the net but accidentally passed to the eye. You cannot escape or run from it, and if the shuttlecock hit in your eye, then it can hurt you badly and damage it for a long time. You should not compromise your eyesight for this game.

3. Clashing of Racquets

In doubles, there are two persons in a single side. There is a chance of clashing racquets and a risk of being hit from someone’s else racquet. On the other side, the opponent players run to receive the shuttlecock, and they may collide to get it. The players can fall and hurt badly. Sometimes, when the racquet hit to your head, the injury can be severe. Your health and chance to happen such accidents should not be compromised.

4. No Jumping or Bouncing

Badminton is a game where you have to jump or bounce to pass or receive the shuttlecock. In the state of pregnancy, it is not allowed to jump as it affects severely to your baby in the stomach. It is not recommended to play this game as it is dangerous for your health as well as your baby.

5. No Sharp Movements

In this fast sport, you have to run, jump, bend and twist sharply. In pregnancy, it is not allowed to do so. You can do some simple stretching, walking, and other simple exercises for maintaining your health. You need to make vigorous movements while playing badminton sport and you should not play this game at all.

6. Breathlessness

While playing badminton, it is one of the severe problems that you can face during pregnancy. You can feel a shortage of breath, and your baby may not get enough supply of oxygen. Your body is taking care of two bodies, i.e., you and your baby. It affects the growth of your baby in your stomach.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs to take care of a lot of things to protect your baby and stay healthy. Following are some of the things that you must avoid at the time of pregnancy.

  1. Avoid excessive bouncing, jumping, or other vigorous movements that lead to falling and hurt your baby.
  2. Not to stretch or pull muscles and joints while playing any sport or doing exercise. Physiological changes lead to ligament relaxation at the time of pregnancy.
  3. Do not exercise is neither too hot or cold environment. The high or low temperature of a pregnant woman can harm the baby in the womb.
  4. Avoid too much bending exercise because, in pregnancy, it is not recommended to do so.
  5. Do not indulge in excessive activities that are oppressing the abdomen. It leads to discomfort to the baby and may cause miscarriage or premature childbirth.

Exercises for Pregnant Women

Badminton is not a preferable game during pregnancy. But you must exercise to stay happy, healthy and active. You can do the walking, swimming, maternity gymnastics, yoga, etc. These exercises are essential for your health for good blood circulation. These simple sports and exercises engage you in doing something healthy and also, makes you happy and active.

The Bottom Line

It is a sad truth that badminton is not a good sport for pregnant women. People who are continuously asking for the query, ‘Can you play badminton when pregnant?’ should not play this sport at all. It is a blessing to be pregnant and having a baby. It is a wonderful time for expected mothers. Do not ruin that period by playing badminton. Do light stretching, walking and exercise, etc., to keep active and healthy in pregnancy.

You are responsible for the growth and development of your baby in your womb. Thus, it is necessary to take care of your baby by keeping yourself safe, healthy and fit. You must take a good sleep, and live a stress-free life for a healthy baby.