Can You Play Badminton Outdoors?

Badminton is a fun game for recreational as well as professional players. The game at a competitive level is always played indoors or closed courts. Can you play badminton outdoors? Let’s find out.

Can You Badminton Outdoors?

Yes, you can play this game in parks, beaches, and other outdoor places. Generally, every person likes to play badminton, and you can play this sport with your friends and family at any outdoor location. The shuttlecock is lightweight, and hence, the air affects the movement of it, and you cannot make a good shot. That’s why all the competitive tournaments of badminton are played in indoor courts.

Are There Any Problems if You Play Badminton Outdoors?

There are many problems that one can face while playing badminton outdoors. Here are some of the listed issues.

  1. Shuttlecock by Wind and Rain

The major problem by playing badminton outdoors is the shuttlecock. It is a lightweight object which is made up of feathers along with a cork base. The weight of the shuttlecock is only 5 grams. If you are playing the game outside your house, or court, then the wind will disrupt the shuttlecock easily. You won’t be able to control your shots, and in the end, you will lose your point.

The shuttlecock is designed in such a way that it travels in a single direction when you hit it with the racket. The air affects its direction of travel. On the other hand, if you play this game on a rainy day, then the feathers of the shuttlecock will get waterlogged and make it heavy. It will change the aerodynamics of the shuttlecock.

  1. Visibility and Safety

If you are playing badminton on a sunny day, you might not be able to see the shuttlecock passing towards you by another player. You will miss your point by such a visibility issue. Outdoor places can be wet or damp during rainy days, and you cannot play on such a surface due to the fear of slipping and falling. It leads to severe painful injuries that may take a lot of time to cure.

On the other hand, indoor courts are comparatively much safer. The courts are regularly moped and cleaned so that there is complete safety while playing the game. There is no risk of falling, slipping, and injuries. The lights are placed in such a way that it will not hit directly in your eye, and you can play the game without any problem.

Why is it Difficult to Play Badminton on Windy Days?

The shuttlecock is made up of plastic or feather, which is exceptionally light in weight. It can travel at an incredible speed when a player hits it with a racket. When you play badminton on windy days, the wind adds up the movement of the shuttlecock. It will travel unevenly and in a different direction. It becomes challenging to play this game in the presence of air.

You cannot make an accurate shot, and air movements will affect the shuttlecock. It is a good game for beginners that have started learning the game. They can play outside casually with friends and family. They can improve their playing techniques even in the presence of air. But, in the case of professional badminton players, it is better to prefer indoors or courts.

What Practices Can You Follow to Play Badminton Outdoors?

Sometimes, it is good to play badminton in outdoor locations as it connects you with nature. You can do simple practices for playing this game outside.

  1. Classic Wall Practice

It is a great practice to play badminton outdoors as compared to indoors. You can play against a brick wall and enjoy this game. The wind will not affect the shuttlecock and will come back to you in unexpected ways. This practice helps in improving the wrist power and reactions.

  1. Flat Driving Practice

You can prefer a tennis court to play badminton. You and your partner can stand on the wide singles lines on the same side of the net by facing each other. The main aim of this game is to hit and drive the shuttlecock without moving off the line. You need to hit it hard so that it can reach your partner. It is the best option to play this game outdoors as the wind will be minimal as the shuttlecock is not much high.

Why is Badminton Known to be a Popular Outdoor Sport?

Badminton can be played indoors as well as outdoors. It is famous as an outdoor sport because millions of people across the globe play badminton in outdoor locations. It can be a park, terrace, beach, etc. Outdoor badminton is a casual game that you can play with your friends and family. You can socialize your circle and join many badminton events at a small level.

Professional badminton is an indoor game that is played by players in a court. The wind is absent, and hence, there is no effect of air on the shuttlecock. Out of millions, only a few pursue their career in badminton and become professional players. They know detailed information about the game, its rules, equipment, and techniques.

As an outdoor sport, it keeps you fit and healthy. You can enjoy nature, greenery, and fresh air while playing badminton. The game improves your breathing, joints, metabolism, and keeps you healthy. You can make new friends while playing outdoors and play with them. The racket and the shuttlecock are light to carry and can be taken anywhere. It is one of the best and easy games that you can learn and play outdoors.

The Bottom Line

The answer is yes for the question, “Can you play badminton outdoors?”. It can be fun and enjoyable to play this game casually with friends and family. It will not be considered a professional sport. Playing outdoors will help you to connect with nature and also helps in improving your techniques in the presence of wind.