Can You Play Badminton on a Volleyball Court?

Badminton is a fast-moving game and can be traced back to ancient Egyptian games. The modern version of the game is encountered in British India in the 19th century, whereas William G. Morgan introduced volleyball in 1895. But what’s the difference between a badminton court vs volleyball court? Can you play badminton on a volleyball court? Do nets used in playing volleyball are similar to badminton net?

Volleyball was developed with specific standards with different court sizes for indoor and beach play, and badminton uses different court sizes for singles and doubles play. There must be a lot of questions in your mind. Compare the court size of both the games and decide whether badminton is played on the volleyball court or not.

Different Volleyball Court Sizes

  1. Indoor Court Size: Volleyball has a standard indoor courtsize for recreational as well as professional level players. Indoor courtmeasures 59 feet long and 29 feet 6 inches wide. A net that measures 7 feet 115/8 inches high for men’s competition, and 7 feet 4 1/8 inches high for women’s competition. It separates down the court in the middle. A line is located 10feet back from the net, on each side marked as an attack line, which separatesthe front and back of the court.
  2. Beach Court Size: Beach volleyball courts are similar toindoor volleyball courts. The court size for both recreational and professionalplayers is the same. The court is 52 feet 6 inches long, and 26 feet 3 incheswide. For men’s competition, the net measures 7 feet 11 5/8 inches high, andfor women’s competition, the net measures 7 feet 4 1/8 inches high. There isnot any concept of front and back of the court, so there are no marked attacklines.

Different Court Sizes for Badminton

  1. Court Size for SinglesPlay: For singles, the court measures 44 feet long and 17 feet wide. There is a service line that marks the area of the court 6 feet 6 inches away from the net from where the player serves. A net of size 5 feet is placed in the middle of the court and runs from the double sidelines.
  2. Court Size for DoublesPlay: For doubles, the court measure 44 feet long, and the width extends to 22 feet wide. The service line of the court moves back to 2 feet 6 inches from the rear line. A net is placed in the middle of the court of the same dimension as in singles play.

Flooring in Volleyball Court

The flooring of the volleyball indoor court is attractively designed with lightweight quality material. It is done with three types of material i.e., acrylic, PU/PVC, and wooden flooring. Green, blue, and red are the colors used in the flooring of the volleyball court. It can be done in either type of court, whether it is an indoor or outdoor court.

Features in the volleyball court:

  1. Tear-resistant: The volleyball court should betear-resistant, which means that the flooring must not get cracked after sometime.
  2. Lightweight: Lightweight material should be usedwhile flooring the volleyball court. If heavy material is used for flooring,then it can affect the game as well as the movement of the player in the courtwhile playing.
  3. Waterproof: The court flooring must be waterproof sothat water on the court flooring should not affect the player’s performance. Also,the flooring will not crack after spilling water.

Flooring in Badminton Court

Court flooring for badminton is developed in many unique patterns and different ways for both indoors and outdoors. There are three types of flooring i.e., rubberized, wooden, and synthetic in three different colors i.e., blue, red, and green. The badminton court flooring is also available in three different types of floor finish i.e., matte, glossy, and polished.

Features of the badminton court:

  1. Classy Look: The court should look attractive withdifferent colors and must follow all the design rules of the badminton court.
  2. Longevity: The court should last for a longperiod, and can withstand all weather conditions, both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Affordable: As badminton is played by professionaland recreational players. The court is needed in both outdoor and indoor. Theflooring of the court should be affordable for the person, whether he is playingprofessionally or not.

Difference Between Badminton and Volleyball Nets

Do you think badminton and volleyball nets and courts are the same? The answer is no, and they are different in their way. As volleyball courts are much wider and longer than the badminton courts, the net should also be much longer. Volleyball nets are attached to their posts differently as compared to the badminton net. Both the badminton and volleyball nets have a thick cord running along the top of the net covered by tape.

Volleyball nets have much bigger holes than the badminton nets because it stops the bigger volleyball, which is quite more significant than the shuttle. Badminton mesh net is made up of small holes as it has to stop the shuttle from passing through the net to the opponent. A volleyball net can be set up at various heights, depending upon the person who is playing it, whether men, women or young children.

Wrap up

The answer to your question, “Can you play badminton on the volleyball court?” is no. You cannot play badminton professionally on the volleyball court because the net used in both the games are different along with the court sizes. The net used in the volleyball is much longer and wider than the net used in playing badminton.

Volleyball nets are roughly 32 feet long, whereas badminton nets are 20 feet long. There is a big difference in the material used for flooring the courts of both volleyball and badminton. Flooring in volleyball court is a little bit slippery as compared to the badminton court flooring. There is no way to set up the badminton net in the volleyball court.