Can I Play Badminton After C Section?

After welcoming your child in this world, it is essential to spend some quality time with him. As a badminton player, you miss your old routine and want to tone up your body by exercise or start playing badminton again. But the question arises in the minds of women, “Can I play badminton after C section or normal childbirth?”.

Can I Play Badminton After C Section?

The answer to this question is more complicated if you underwent a c-section or the cesarean section during childbirth. Surgical wounds need time to heal, but that does not mean you cannot exercise after c-section. You have to be patient enough so that your body can recover from stresses and traumas of pregnancy and delivery. You can exercise and play any sport when your body is ready for it.

Badminton is an active game with unexpected moves in the court. You will be having more pressure on your belly while playing, and that can be dangerous for you. After c-section, you are suggested not to play badminton for 3-4 months. You have to be patient enough to wait for your body to regain its strength.

How to Heal and Recover After C Section?

During pregnancy, your body experiences reduced activity, hormonal changes, and redistribution of body weight in your muscles and joints. Abdominal muscles are stretched and weakened and may have separated. There is an increased production of the Relaxin hormone that makes your joints weak, more elastic, and less stable.

After c-section, the body is left in a condition that takes time to heal. The Relaxin hormone causes joint instability and increases the chances of injury. You should return to do physical activity when it is medically safe. Gradually abdominal strengthening exercises are suggested to restore proper pelvic alignment and improve core strength. Resistance training exercises helps in restoring muscle strength, joint stability, and preparing you to play again.

Why is Badminton Not Recommended to Play?

Badminton requires a lot of movement and excursion that can put your body into a strain. After c-section, the body is not able to take that pain and make fast movements of the gameplay. After giving birth to a child, the body needs rest and time to overcome the essentials in the body.

The body gets so much weak that a sudden movement in the body can cause severe joint injuries while playing. Breathlessness is another problem; if the body does not get enough oxygen, then it can affect your body severely. After c-section, the body needs all the energy to recover and get back to the sport.

What Will Happen if You Make Quick Movements After Childbirth?

During pregnancy, you are less mobile. It is harder for you to touch your feet or stretch your body. To play badminton, you need agility and flexibility for quick movements and powerful shots. With weak joints and less muscle strength, it is challenging to make sudden, jerky moves in the game.

Your body requires flexibility to make a shot. After pregnancy, you may feel unsteady and imbalance. Because of the balance issues, it is obvious that falling is not a good idea. It is advised to avoid any exercise with a lot of bouncy movements that can hurt you further.

What Will Happen if You Play Badminton After C-section?

Badminton is a full form of exercise for those who are passionate about playing. Badminton can cause severe injuries to anyone having skill and fitness. Some following injuries that can occur while playing:

  1. Shuttle in the Eye: There is a risk of being hit in the eye by the shuttle. In doubles, there is more risk of getting hit. If the opponent hits the shuttle at the net and the other player is not aware, and with a little bit of bad luck, the shuttle can hit in the eyes of the player.
  2. Slipping and Falling: Badminton is a sport that requires fast footwork and a lot of court coverage. There is more risk of slipping on the floor with bad flooring of the court. If you got slipped off, then you may break your arm.
  3. Clashing Racquets: The problem of clashing racquets may often occur with beginners in doubles. There is a risk of getting injuries from another person’s racquet. In trying to return the shot, the front player tries to hit the shuttle back and swing his racquet backward for the shot, then the player at the back can get an injury.

Do You Still Want to Get Back in Shape?

Until you regain all of your strengths, it is recommended to play badminton. But then also, if you want to stay fit and healthy, you may exercise the following:

  1. Barre Classes: The daily method that combines pilates, ballet, and yoga-inspired moves helps you in toning your body after pregnancy.
  2. Stroller Fitness: Stroller classes socialize you with other new moms. These classes include cardio and strength training with different intensity levels. You can choose the appropriate intensity level for your fitness.
  3. Gentle Yoga: Yin yoga and restorative yoga are suitable for new moms. Unlike other yoga, these are gentle enough to care for your body after pregnancy.
  4. Water Aerobics: Water aerobics or aqua walking are the low fitness options that help in building cardiovascular endurance and strength. These type of exercises does not put any pressure on your joints and useful for maintaining fitness without any unnecessary pain in the body.

The Bottom Line

It is sad, but it is not safe to play badminton after c-section. You have to maintain patience and recover all the strength of your body to get back to play again. Pushing your body in playing so fast game can cause you severe joint injuries.

For women who keep on asking, “Can I play badminton after c-section?” can play this game after recovering your body. Till then, spend and enjoy your time with your baby and do some slow restraining exercises.