Can badminton increase height?

Top health experts recommend that, in order to grow taller, we should choose to play the sport of leaning and badminton which is one of the most effective ways to increase height.

When it comes to jumping and movement, many mechanical stimuli will affect cartilage layers and help the cartilage grow. Cartilage growth promotes long bones, especially the knees.

Playing badminton requires that the player perform a variety of hand-to-hand gestures for rescue and non-stop movement; At the same time when practicing as well as in the game, players must use all the muscles, joints, and other parts of the body. These actions contribute to stimulating the cartilage to develop better.

Badminton is good for height growth, but like all sports, playing badminton requires players to train properly to be able to play well. the point that this subject brings. Sometimes over-training or improper training has the potential to cause harm without anyone’s expectation.┬áTo be more secure in your feet, you should think about investing in the best pair of badminton shoes.

Guide to playing badminton helps increase the effective height

Whether you’re young or you’re over 17, you can still grow taller if you do the right badminton.

Badminton time

The best time to play badminton is around 30 to 60 minutes in the morning or afternoon. Practitioners should maintain regular exercise every day. This exercise will help the skeletal muscles expand and benefit the development of height, while the whole body movement will also help your body become more toned.

Badminton combination combines scientific nutrition


To maximize height, you should also add a full diet to your diet to compensate for the amount of energy consumed in each session. Make sure your body is providing the nutrients it needs to grow bones like protein and calcium.

Foods such as lean meat, eggs, milk, fish, shrimp, crabs, legumes, … are the foods you should eat.

Badminton is a sport suitable for all ages from children to adolescents; male to female Especially, when you are around the age of 17, you should focus on sports and improve your height rather than playing games.

In addition to improving height, playing badminton also helps to increase the strength of the body, improve eye function, increase brain reflexes, help lose weight, burn calories effectively.

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