Top 5 brands of world famous badminton rackets

Badminton is one of the popular sports around the world. To play this sport well, you need a good badminton racket. Just like choosing a product, you must pay attention to its brand first. Even many people only use the products of the brand they like. If you still have not enough information about badminton trade in the market, the following article provides you with basic knowledge about the top 5 brands of world famous badminton rackets today.

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Yonex is a famous brand of badminton originating from Japan, born in 1946. Worldwide, over 81% of professional badminton athletes choose this badminton racket as an effective assistant in domestic and international matches.

The badminton bats produced by Yonex ensure the strength, stability, and speed. With a square head design and bending on the impact point, Yonex’s badminton rackets help players keep the shuttle on the racquet surface longer so it will be easier to control the direction of travel. These bats are suitable for both beginners and professional players.

If you are a person who cares about badminton rackets, you may realize that most of the world’s No. 1 tennis racquets are produced from the Yonex brand, like Yonex Duora 10 badminton rackets that have been the number 1 player Lee Chong Wei used, Yonex Voltric 7 G4 was used by legendary player Lin Dan, … Or recently, the newly introduced Yonex ASTROX 88 S / D badminton racket of Yonex.


Li-Ning is considered one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear especially badminton rackets in China. Although Li-ning has only been established since 1990, it has quickly become the world’s leading sportswear brand. A quick internet survey will show that Li Ning’s light-headed badminton rackets are the first choice among badminton players.

Li-Ning sporting goods company has become a reliable supplier of badminton rackets in the United States. In addition to producing badminton rackets, Li-Ning also produces other sports products such as shoes, clothes, … and is trusted by many sports players.

The company’s best-selling badminton rackets include Li Ning Turbo Charging 7td, Li-Ning HC 100A and Li-Ning UC 3500.


Brand of badminton racket originating from Taiwan, launched in 1968, now the product has been consumed in over 30 countries worldwide.

Victor has provided badminton rackets to many famous players in the world, including Gao Ning, Yang Wei, and Zhang Ji Wen. The Korean and Philippine national teams are also using badminton racquets they produce.

Most of Victor’s badminton rackets offer players maximum strength in spikes and quick counterattack. Victor Brave Sword 12 is a light racquet that creates powerful breakthroughs on the field. Meteor X90, a carbon graphite racket, is a durable, accurate racquet for both experienced and novice players.


Wilson is one of the most recognizable sports brands in North America. Its W brand stands out instantly everywhere.

During its operations, the Wilson brand has constantly improved and built its own badminton production technologies. Wilson’s innovation was emphasized by innovation in 1913.

Wilson’s latest product, Zone X60, is a lightweight racket that novice players can grasp. A number of good products from this brand allow experienced athletes to show the perfect powerhouse performances.


Carlton is a subsidiary of Dunlop, Carlton Badminton Racket is the famous tennis brand of the United Kingdom. The lines of Carlton badminton rackets are appreciated for quality as well as acceptable prices.

This is the racket company used by the British coaches quite a lot in teaching and hitting the bridge.

In addition, the Carlton racket can almost weave up to 13kg and still keep stable. In addition to the colorful designs and colors, Carlton badminton rackets are very suitable for active young people.