Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players: Complete Reviews with Comparison

If you’ve been playing tennis for a while, you may find that your current racket isn’t sufficient anymore. You’ve learned how to find the sweet spot and hit the ball correctly. Now, you want something that has more control and power without being too heavy.

Finding the best tennis racket for intermediate players is now easy. We’ve got a list of a couple of products here. Plus, we also offer a buyer’s guide to help you understand how to pick the right one.

Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Favorite

We realize that it’s hard to wait until the end to find out the truth. The Babolat Pure Drive is actually one of the best products on the market and it will help with all aspects of your game.

Babolat Pure Drive – Best for Overall Needs

The Babolat Pure Drive was designed for 2021, but it is still one of the best options for intermediate players. If you want something that’s comfortable and powerful, this might be the investment for you because it’s proven to improve your play and style.

Product Highlights

Of course, the stylish design is what most people notice first. Though you need something that’s high-quality, it can also help to make a bold statement through the equipment’s style. It helps to set you apart from the others. Since it has a black and blue design, it appears more sophisticated.

The 2021 version also features an update to the spacing, Cortex dampening system, and grommet holes. That way, you’ve got more spin on the ball and power with the swings.

This racket is equipped with Frame String Interaction technology. This allows you to make contact with your ball on the higher part of the string bed. In a sense, the manufacturer raised the racket’s sweet spot. That way, it’s comfortable and more powerful.

What I Like

The racket from Babolat also features SMAC, which is an absorbing material that is integrated right into the fibers. That way, it absorbs some of the shocks so that the ball goes where you want it and doesn’t make your arm tired.

What I Don’t Like

Though we like the idea of more power, it can become uncontrollable when you don’t know what you’re doing. For that reason, we only list it as an intermediate racket and not one that is suitable for beginners. In fact, it might be better suited for stronger intermediate players.

Head Graphene Touch Speed – Best for Those on a Budget

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a decent tennis racket. This option provides strike accuracy and allows you to feel in control of your movements.

Product Highlights

The Head Graphene Touch Speed is a comfortable option because of its Graphene Touch technology. It features a polarized weight system because of that. It’s also got Kraibon (soft polymer) as part of its makeup, which can dampen the vibrations and provides a smooth and muted feel when you’re doing off-center hits.

Since it only weighs about 318 grams, it offers an easy and fast swing for the user. Plus, you do get excellent control with a stick that allows for spin, massive cuts, and pacing.

What I Like

This tennis racket allows you to be in control and have a stable racket. It also has a speedy feel to it, so you get accuracy that explodes through contact.

What I Don’t Like

The only issue with this racket is that the feel is somewhat dampened and muted. Though it can be a good thing, we feel that it does too much dampening during play. However, it’s easy to get used to that if you require a budget-friendly option.

Wilson Pro RF 97 – Best for Control and Power

Those who are looking for high-quality are going to like the Wilson Pro. It’s designed for both advanced and intermediate players and gives you everything you need.

Product Highlights

With its bold and detailed design, you’ve got something with better ball control. However, it is about 12.6 ounces, so it’s a heavier racket.

As a bonus, Wilson partnered with Mr. Roger Federer, a top tennis player. He helped design it, so it’s really well-thought-out and has a variety of features that you’re going to like. If that weren’t enough, Federer autographed the rackets, which can make for a commemorative piece when you’re not playing.

There’s also an open string pattern, as well as a leather grip and bigger head size. Therefore, it’s better than others on the market.

What I Like

We are impressed with this racket because of the design. You get more power in your game. Plus, the beam is angular and wider. If you’re looking for a good feel and better performance, this is right for you.

What I Don’t Like

The only caveat here that we found is that it is quite heavy where rackets are concerned. Therefore, you may get fatigued before the end of the match. Make sure you can handle that much weight before deciding on this one as your go-to tennis racket.

Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right tennis racket isn’t easy. There are seemingly endless factors to consider so that the racket meets your specific needs.

What You Need

Before you choose a particular racket and buy it, consider what you want it to do. Is maximum power or control what you desire? Most rackets try to give a balance between the two. However, if you know you have a handicap (such as balls that go all over the place), you may want a racket that dampens that.

Control is also something to consider because you don’t want to develop or exasperate your tennis elbow. Generally, though, look for a racket with the best balance between all three options if you’re an intermediate player.


Generally, the weight of the racket is based on your personal preference. Some players do prefer heavier rackets, while others like them to be lighter. Often, it’s recommended to use a heavy one if you’re an intermediate player. They’re usually friendly to the elbows and arms.


While we talked about this a bit earlier, the balance is also extremely important. This is the weight of the racket’s head. You’ve got two racket options: Balanced and head heavy/light. You can check for heaviness by seeing if the head is going to dip down or upward while you swing. Head-heavy options work well for power, but they are hard to control. Head-light versions aren’t powerful but are easy to use. Intermediate players usually choose a balanced one to give them the best of both needs. Still, it’s based on your playstyle and preferences.

String Type

You can also find various string styles for rackets. Some manufacturers do not string the rackets before shipping, so you must buy your own. We didn’t include those in our list, but keep that in mind. Therefore, you may need to go to your local tennis shop and have the racket strung. Others prefer to remove the manufacturer’s strings and add their own.

There are multiple materials, such as natural gut, polyester, hybrids, and nylon.

Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players FAQs

What Defines a Good Tennis Racket?

This question is one that gets asked a lot, and the answer isn’t easy to give. Nothing in the world is perfect, and that goes for tennis rackets. Each brand you can find on the market has 10+ models to meet the various needs of the player.

Therefore, you shouldn’t buy and use a racket just because professionals do or it’s the trendiest on the market right now. The best way to decide if the racket is good for you is to make sure that it suits your playstyle.

Do I need a mid-plus or over-sized racket?

The head size often depends on you, the player. However, there are some guidelines to follow. An over-sized racket provides a larger sweet spot, so it forgives mistakes a bit better. If you’re still on the beginner side and just moving to being an intermediate, that can be quite helpful. However, you do lose a bit of control and maneuverability when the head is bigger.

What’s my grip size?

The best way to determine grip size is to hold a racket that you feel most comfortable with. It should fit your index finger snugly (the non-gripping one0 and give room for the palm and ring finger.

Smaller grip sizes work well when you like to move the wrist a lot with your strokes. However, a too-small grip might make the racket twist during any off-center hits. Bigger grips cannot be changed, so it’s often best to go smaller and add grips as needed for various needs.

Final Verdict

When you are trying to pick the best tennis racket for intermediate players, we feel that the Babolat Pure Drive is the right choice. Though it isn’t all that cheap, it does come in a variety of sizes. Plus, it is designed to grow with you and take you into the advanced play. We liked the FSI string technology, as well as the shock-absorbing material used.