Best Tennis Racket for Advanced Players: Complete Reviews with Comparison

Have you been playing tennis for a while? If so, then you may be considered an advanced player. This means that you’ve been working hard to perfect your form and have honed your skills significantly.

Now, however, you also have to find the best tennis racket for advanced players. That’s going to help you hit with power and control, but only if you choose the one that is best for you. We help you focus on some of the top products.

Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Favorite

While we hope that you read through each product review to learn what’s out there, we realize that some people don’t want to wait. The Babolat Pure Drive is, quite possibly, the best racket out there, regardless of who you are. It works well for beginners, but it’s appropriate for those who have been playing for a while, too.

Babolat Pure Drive – Best for Overall Needs

Whether you’re an advanced player who hasn’t played in a few weeks or someone who’s avid about the sport, the Babolat Pure Drive can help. It is used by beginners, intermediates, and advanced players throughout the world.

Product Highlights

The Pure Drive is one of those tennis rackets that work for beginners all the way through advanced needs. If you’re a baseliner who wants more power, feel, and spin, this is the one for you. It’s used by a variety of professionals, such as Andy Roddick, when he was on tour.

It’s got a 100 square inch frame, so it’s just a bit bigger than most advanced rackets on the market. This helps to give it a better feel and also ensures that beginners can use it. Such a wide string pattern and frame give it more control and power.

Though it’s perfect for hitting groundstrokes from the baseline with precision, it’s lightweight and provides mobility if you’re more of a net player. Still, this racket doesn’t offer as much control as others if the sweet spot is missed.

What I Like

The fact that you can use this racket, whether you’re a newbie or not, is a plus for us. You could help other family members learn to love the sport by lending them your racket when you’re not using it. Also, it is a little forgiving if you become a bit rusty and don’t play for a few weeks to a month.

What I Don’t Like

Since it is geared toward both beginners and advanced players, this doesn’t fall into the ‘pro’ category. Still, professionals have used it, and you can see an improved game while using it.

Wilson Blade 98v7– Best for Control and Comfort

Those who want to play like Serena Williams may enjoy this racket. It was designed exclusively by Wilson to emulate hers and focuses on comfort and control.

Product Highlights

The Wilson Blade is probably the most popular in the world, and this happens to be the seventh version. We think it might actually be the brand’s best option.

The racket is balanced all throughout. Plus, it features the FlexFeel technology, so the touch and feel of the racket are exceptional. Whether you prefer groundstrokes or volleys, you’re sure to enjoy this product.

At 11.3 ounces, it is one of the heavier ones, which is why it’s so ideal for advanced players. It also features an open string pattern, so you’re going to generate more spin on your groundstrokes from the baseline. Of course, the stable frame ensures comfort on contact, too.

Those who prefer more feel, touch, and control without as much power are going to like this tennis racket.

What I Like

Though it’s an advanced product, it still has a larger sweet spot, which is ideal for people who can’t get to the court every day to play. You’ve still got a good chance of making a good play when you do make it to the court.

What I Don’t Like

The only minor issue here is that the racket doesn’t generate much power for you, even through contact with the ball. Therefore, you’ve got to compensate for that on the court. If you’ve never had issues with power before and need more help with control, this is the racket for you.

Technifibre TF40 305 – Best for Touch and Control

Though not a very popular or well-known brand, it was used successfully by Daniil Medvedev, so it has taken the world by storm. Those who want more comfort and control are sure to like it.

Product Highlights

The Technifibre TF40 305 is an excellent choice for most advanced players. It’s got a frame size of just 98 square inches with a tight string pattern. Of course, the primary characteristics of this product are the comfort, feel, and control that you get.

With the Dynacore XTC technology that’s included here, the ball stays on the strings just a bit longer. This increases your touch and control. Plus, the racket weighs 11.4 ounces, so it’s quite hefty for power and offers volley mobility, as well.

What I Like

The square frame is designed geometrically to provide more comfort and stability for impacts. The surface is also more concentrated to provide more precision and control the ball’s trajectory.

What I Don’t Like

This racket doesn’t come strung. The patterns are included, but you cannot use it right out of the box. You’re going to need to visit a sporting goods shop or tennis racket shop to get it strung properly unless you have your own at home.

Tennis Racket for Advanced Players Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes, you want a little extra help in choosing the right tennis racket, especially if you’re an advanced player. We’ve put together a helpful buyer’s guide to explain the things you should look out for when selecting a new tennis racket.


Since you are an advanced player, it means you have perfected your form. Now, you’re generating power by yourself with just your technique and swing. This is the ultimate goal for advanced players, and it means that the tennis racket you choose should also focus more on control instead of power.

Head Size and Weight

Along with the control factor, you’re looking for a smaller head size in your tennis racket. The professionals tend to use rackets that are 95 to 98 square inches. Most pros focus on the 98-square-inch version because it does offer a bit of power while concentrating primarily on control.

Weight is another concern here. Most advanced tennis rackets weigh more than 11 ounces. However, there are some that are around the 10.5-ounce mark. You need the extra weight of the racket to add power to each of your shots, such as the volleys and serve.

That’s why advanced rackets aren’t used by beginners or intermediate players. The extra weight from the racket can hurt form and cause tennis elbow.

Topspin or Groundstrokes

Another indicator of the tennis racket you need is to focus on your playstyle. If you prefer to hit using a lot of topspin, then you may want an open string pattern (16×19 inches). This means that the tennis ball is on the strings a little longer and gives you more of a spin-off.

Those who prefer to hit flat groundstrokes may like the closed pattern (18×20 inches). The strings are compacted and tight, so you get a bit of a boost with each hit.

Tennis Racket for Advanced Players FAQs

How long should a tennis racket last?

Generally, the durability of your tennis racket is based on two things: How often you use it and how well you maintain it. If you play tennis every day, it’s going to wear out faster than if you only play on weekends or a few times a month.

That said, proper maintenance is also important, or else the product is going to wear out faster. A good rule of thumb is to replace your racket when the shots you make tend to feel mushy. This is going to happen even when you add new strings.

What happens if a string breaks?

Most people think that they need to buy a whole new racket when a string breaks, but luckily, that’s not the case. You can take it to any sporting goods shop that restrings tennis rackets. If you’re an avid player, you may want to consider buying your own stringing machine so that you can do it all yourself, but this takes a lot of effort and skill.

How do I know when I’m an advanced player?

Advanced players often play the sport regularly. They can control shots with power, placement, and proper spin. Also, they can serve with power and spin. On the USTA scale, this is a rating of 4.0 or higher.

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing a racket, there are many points to consider. If you’re not sure if you’re an intermediate or advanced, the Babolat Pure Drive is the best tennis racket for advanced players. In fact, it can take you from beginner all the way through, allowing you to perfect your game and get comfortable with a particular racket.