Best Student and Kids Badminton Rackets

If you’re just learning the ropes of badminton, the racket you buy should match your ability. It should be light enough to accord you swifter movements. That’s unless you’re looking for shots loaded with power. The racket needs to have a larger area to improve your accuracy, and a shaft flexible enough to give strong rebounds. Here are the best student and kids badminton rackets to choose from:

Comparison of 5 Best Student and Kids Badminton Rackets in 2023

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Senston N80 Badminton...image Senston N80 Badminton Racket Carbon Fiber Badminton Racquet, Single Professional Badminton Racket Blue Color
Badminton Racquet, Fostoy...image Badminton Racquet, Fostoy Badminton Racket Set-Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket with 3 shuttlecocks and Carrying Bag-Perfect for Adults
FiberFlash 7 Badminton...image FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set, Featuring 2 Carbon Fiber Shaft Racquets, 3 Shuttlecocks Plus Fabric Carrying Bag All Included (Orange/Black)
Trained Premium Quality...image Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets, Pair of 2 Rackets, Lightweight & Sturdy, with 5 LED SHUTTLECOCKS, for Professional & Beginner Players Adults and Children, Carrying Bag Included

Top 5 Best Student and Kids Badminton Rackets in 2023 with Reviews

1. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket

  • ✔ RACKET PARAMETER: Senston N80/ Unstring Weight 5U(75g-79g)/ G4 Grip/ The balance point: 295+-3MM/ Lengh:675MM/ Prestring tension: 24LBS-26LBS
  • ✔ 100% FULL CARBON FIBER MATERIAL: Senston N80 is made of full carbon fiber frame and shaft. Racket weight unstrung 75 grams, it is light. You can enjoy the badminton game longer and do not have shoulder pain caused by other heavier racket. It fell better when you playing. Carbon Fiber materials also enhance the strength of the racket, reduce to the risk of frame deformation
  • ✔ SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The racket has SOLID construction with ONE-PIECE design outside and built-in T-joint inside. It have been further improve the STABILITY, achieve high-precision control performance. It also avoid the deformation caused by playing badminton, make racket more stable, play unparalleled power. The isometric square head shape frame structure and nanometer material enable it endure high pounds string, which can reach 28 pounds
  • ✔ PERFECT DESIGNED DETAILS: the design of cone cover make the racket more in conformity with scientific theory of fluid dynamics to enhance the flexibility of controling the ball. Non-slip handle grip improve comfort, not easy to slide. Special and Powerful T-Joint Inside Design further improved the stability, achieve high-precision control performance. It also avoid the deformation caused by playing badminton, make racket more stable, play unparalleled power
  • ✔ CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any problems after the purchase, you can feel free to contact us in any time.

The rackets in this set will let you play for hours without wrist or shoulder fatigue. They feature a lightweight graphite construction ideal for easy play. Add to it the rackets’ over-grip that provides you with a softer handle, and your playing will be not only enjoyable but less tiring. The rackets come with flexible shafts to allow you forceful hits with minimal effort. The flexible shaft incorporates a T-joint construction, so you need not worry that it will break from the head. The joint also ensures your smashes are powerful despite the lightweight design of the racket.

2. FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION. ONE-PIECE DESIGN. AND A GREAT LOOK. Unlike other rackets that are all aluminum or steel and have a “T” connector holding the shaft to the face of the racket, the FiberFlash 7 series of rackets has a beautiful one-piece design with a smooth connection between the shaft and the head of the racket. You’ll appreciate the difference with a sturdy, yet flexible carbon fiber or graphite shaft for excellent durability.
  • A FULL SET. WITH CARRY BAG. AND BIRDIES. This set not only includes two great pre-strung rackets, but comes complete with 3 nylon skirt shuttlecocks in easy-to-see bright yellow color, packed in a tube so they don’t arrive crushed. The rackets and birdies come to you inside a zippered, lightweight fabric carrying bag so you can easily take the fun wherever your friends or family are gathering.
  • STURDY GRIP. GREAT PERFORMANCE. You will enjoy the performance of these rackets’ light weight and tight stringing, along with the embossed grip that won’t easily come unraveled. These are premium rackets and not your entry-level basic set. If you’re looking for an upgrade from the cheap rackets that many people buy, these are worth the investment! Check out more precise specifications in the Product Description section on this page.
  • YOU DON’T WANT CHEAP & FLIMSY RACKETS. THESE ARE TOP QUALITY. At RiteTrak Sports, we wanted to design a solid quality set of two rackets that looked great and were sturdy and reliable for lots of badminton fun in the backyard, on the beach, at the park or campground or wherever you can string up a net and get a family favorite game of badminton going. With the FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set, we think that mission has been accomplished!

This set of rackets offers you an inexpensive way to begin playing badminton. I find it fairly priced for its great attributes. The construction is one-piece carbon graphite that gives you a racket easy to maneuver for improved agility during play. For powerful and accurate shots, the rackets feature a stiff shaft and high-tension strings. It gives you an upper hand when it comes to making rebounds against your opponent. The rackets are also durable, given that the construction includes no joint. So you can be sure you will use the set for many days.

3. Trained Premium Quality Badminton Racket Set

  • PREPARE TO ACE! – With our top quality, badminton racket you will certainly rule the court! And our package includes a set of two, so you can give the second one to your significant other and start training to enter doubles tournaments! Also makes a great for Christmas gift bags.
  • SUITABLE FOR PLAYERS OF ANY LEVEL! – Little does it matter if you’re a professional player or if you’ve never seen a shuttlecock before in your life; our top quality badminton rackets are perfect for both practicing your skills and training! Mom, Dad, son and daughter can all play.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE! – Whether you get it for your son, best friend, your spouse or, why not, yourself, our badminton racket set, along with the LED shuttlecocks, is an ideal present; smart, practical and fun – who wouldn’t love it? Endless fun with the kids, boys or girls.
  • ONLY THE BEST QUALITY FOR YOU! – Our badminton rackets come to you pre-strung by the manufacturer, are extremely lightweight, easy to use, and made of high-end quality materials that ensure their strength, durability, and longevity!
  • BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND! – We have given our best in order to offer you a top-notch quality product at an excellent, antagonistic price. However, if you aren’t entirely satisfied with our rackets, we offer you a full money back guarantee – no questions asked!

With a sturdy, lightweight construction, the rackets in this set are easy to handle or swing. They will accord you high-performance speeds, whether have experience or not. The flexible thin shaft allows you to produce powerful rebounds without the need to use a lot of effort. They swing effortlessly in the air, thanks to their aerodynamic design. The design also means you will play endlessly with them without your arms feeling numb. What’s more, this set comes with 5 led shuttlecocks to enable you to play till the late hours or in poor lighting conditions.

4. Fostoy Badminton Racket Set – Professional Carbon Fibre Badminton Racket

  • 🏸【EXCELLENT MATERIAL AND BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING】Our badminton racquet is made of full carbon fiber frame, fiber wire, and solid wood handle. Badminton set includes 2 badminton rackets, 3 shuttlecocks, 1 carries bag,and 2 extra tapes for the handles. Badminton racket is long 67cm.
  • 🏸【GREAT FOR PLAYERS OF ANY LEVEL】The badminton racket oval head design increases the effective area of the racket net and expands the spot of the hitting ball. The badminton racquet can maintain good precision and speed. The grip is comfortable and turning is easier.
  • 🏸【PERFECT DESIGNED DETAILS】Our badminton rackets come to you with original high quality by the manufacturer. The racquet is made of good elasticity and high-strength wire hole can better protect the strings, and then extend the longevity.
  • 🏸【PORTABLE BADMINTON RACQUET】Badminton racket middle pole is made of full carbon, increased the badminton racquet rebound and attack power. More stability and lightweight.
  • 🏸【100% SATISFACTION SERVICES】With our badminton racquet, you get a reliable and high-quality badminton sports equipment for on-the-go use. Fostoy provides lifetime money back/replacement service for badminton racket set, so purchase with confidence from us anytime!

This racket opens opportunities for players of every level! It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Wearproof and high tensile carbon fibre shaft creates a comfortable feel and long-lasting durability, offering players years of usage.

The oval head design of this badminton racket maximizes the hitting area, so you maintain precision and speed. The comfortable grip also makes turning the racket easier.

The racquet is made of high-quality graphite, and its string holes are more elastic than those of other rackets, which better protects the strings and extends the tennis racket’s life.

When you order the Fostoy badminton set, you get 2 high-quality racquets, 3 shuttlecocks, 1 carry bag, and 2 extra tape fittings for the handles. Its solid wood handle creates an excellent grip, making it suitable for players of any level and any style of play.

With an increased middle pole made of full carbon fibre, the racket can have a longer life span, increased performance, and greater strength. Its rebound power is also top-notch, which makes it a perfect blend for either an attacking or a defensive playing style.

With a large hitting area, high tension string, and solid overall shaft construction, you not only get value for your money, but you also get to experience the high rush and excitement that comes from improved gameplay.

5. Yonex Combo Badminton Racket Set

If you’re looking for a durable super strong racket, then this set makes a perfect pick. Being made of solid steel, the rackets in the set will stand the test of time by lasting for longer than usual rackets. Expect them to be a little bit heavier than carbon fiber rackets, giving you smashes unmatched force and your rebounds instant responses. If the weight doesn’t bother you much, and you’re looking for power, get yourself the Yonex Combo Set.


Learning to play badminton can be successful only if you get for yourself right equipment. The racket sets in this list come equipped with the best of features to enhance your learning process while making it easy. They also come with shuttlecocks to start you off, and a bag to carry them in.

Pick the one that suits you best.

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