Best Badminton Bats for Doubles in 2019

Badminton bats are valuable playing equipment for any badminton players for both the professional and beginners.

The best badminton rackets to invest is the racket that suits your playing style and helps you in enhancing your playing skills.

When looking for best badminton racket for doubles, you need to ensure that it is specially designed for use in a game of doubles.

The racquets used in double play require fast control and at the same time meet the power requirements.

There are limitless options for rackets for doubles and as such, you need to be careful when choosing the best rackets.

I have helped you filter out the best badminton racquets for doubles and the most bought in 2019, it’s here:

Yonex Duora Z Strike3UG4
Yonex Voltric Z Force II4UG4
Yonex Nanoray Z Speed3UG4
Yonex Nanoray 9003UG4
Yonex Voltric 74UG4
Yonex Voltric 53UG4
Yonex Arcsaber 11 2018 New3UG4
Victor Brave Sword 123U, 4UG5

Top Rated Best Badminton Rackets For Doubles in 2018 with Reviews

Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racquet

Used by world champions like Viktor Axelsen, Yonex Duora Z Strike is designed with utmost professionalism for the excellence of performance, control, and power.

It has a solid feel that allows for a thrilling and comfortable playing experience.

The smashing power of this model is incredibly strong and can be greatly enhanced by adding more control and accuracy of your swings.

The best thing about this product is that it is an all-round racket with strong features for attack and defense.

The Duora Z Strike has excellent maneuverability.

When playing a game of doubles, maneuverability is a key aspect that helps players outshine their opponents.

This model is lightweight making it easy to have powerful smashes.

Additionally, it is well strung using durable and extra-hard nylon strings with great tension.

Yonex Duora Z Strike is also efficient in making smooth and well-calculated clears that are guaranteed to earn you more points.

The grip is gentle on the hands and does not tire the wrists even when playing for long sessions.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional player, this is definitely the right choice for you.

  1. Gigantic power
  2. Great defense & attack
  3. Superior control
  4. Excellent maneuverability
  1. It will be a bit difficult for beginners

Yonex Voltric Z Force II Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric Z Force II for doubles excels in different ranges of doubles.

From the backcourt to the midcourt and the frontcourt, this racquet is beyond the expectations of most players.

The smashing power in this model is considerably so strong that makes it easy to use for defense and attack.

For players looking for rackets with classy designs, accuracy, and superior feel, this is the best racquet to purchase.

The most fascinating aspect about this racquet is an incredible control.

Unlike other rackets that are specifically designed to be used at the front, mid or backcourt, Voltric Z Force II can be used reliably at all sections of the court.

As such, it is a perfect choice for use in doubles especially for players playing competitively.

Voltric Z Force II comes in two options: strung and unstrung.

Whichever option you settle for, it is worth noting that the racquet will be reliably helpful in enabling you to advance and polish your playing skills.

  1. Slim and strong shaft
  2. Extra-stiff flexibility for powerful smashes
  3. Different color varieties available
  4. Powerful responses and reactions
  1. It is expensive but worthy of its value

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is one of the latest and newest badminton rackets for doubles, which is currently on sale in the market.

Unlike other rackets, this Nanoray racket comes with advanced features including enhanced repulsion, better control, gigantic power, and the solid feeling among other features.

This model shares a lot in common with other high-end rackets from Yonex.

It is a favorite option for most players as it features a soft grip that allows for great comfort and a firm grip when playing.

This shows that it is an ideal racquet for double matches that meet the requirements of power and control.

It has an excellent maneuverability that can be controlled and aimed easily and accurately.

You will definitely enjoy the intense power produced by the racket while using.

Since it is slim and light, you will barely realize that you are holding it in the hands, especially for long sessions.

  1. Powerful smashes
  2. Excels all over the court
  3. Super slim and light
  4. Excellent performance
  1. Its power may be too much to handle for beginners

Yonex Nanoray 900 Badminton Racket

With an isometric head, this product weighs an impressive 89 grams and therefore, it is light while at the same time being considerably heavy for powerful smashes.

Nanoray 900 boasts of a perfect balance that allows for easy handling when playing.

Moreover, the stiff flexibility of this model ensures that it is able to produce powerful shots with each swing.

The new Aero frame that is featured in the design and construction of the racquet provides for improved repulsion especially when playing a fast-paced game.

In addition to its exceptional maneuverability, Nanoray 900 prides itself on having unique accuracy and precision when hitting the shuttle.

This in turn allows for easy control of the game, as you are able to send to the desired target on the court.

The nylon strings in Nanoray 900 are resistant to different weather effects including water and extreme light.

The best thing about this option is the ability to make angled smashes that if it has been done correctly, it can help in outshining your opponent.

The racket features a soft super cushion G4 grip that protects the hands from developing blisters or other hand injuries when using for extended playing sessions.

  1. Super cushion grip
  2. Perfectly balanced
  3. Lightweight
  4. Easy to handle and control
  1. It may take time to get used to the great power of the racket.

Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket

The Voltric 7 model by Yonex guarantees to provide players with a memorable playing experience characterized by powerful smashes and unrivaled control.

Hitting and controlling the shuttle effortlessly due to the racket’s power and the unique tension in its strings.

The material used in designing and making the racket’s shaft is significantly flexible that enables to possess a medium stiff flex.

It allows for powerful responses and reactions for a game of doubles.

Since the grip is large, the racket provides the comfortable feeling and does not create any unnecessary pressure and tiresomeness in the hands.

With proper practice, it is possible to hit every shot with the utmost accuracy and control.

The 4U frame of the racket performs well in terms of delivering intense power to the head of the racquet and onto the shuttle.

  1. Balanced feel
  2. Durable and reliable
  3. Comfortable and firm grip
  4. Perfect string tension
  1. Some rackets come unstrung and hence may require time and effort to string

Victor Brave Sword 12 Badminton Racket

Brave Sword 12 is ultimately one of the best rackets to purchase in present times with the design of sophisticated technology.

The diamond shape of it cuts through the air with minimal resistance thus producing consistent and powerful shots that are carefully controlled and accurate.

Designed for use when playing double games, Brave Sword 12 has a perfect head balance for swinging and powerful shots.

With a strong string tension, it becomes easy to hit the shuttle at amazingly high pressure thus producing powerful and high-speed shots.

The strings are also resistant to varying weather effects and the racquet is generally durable.

One of the greatest aspects of Bravo Sword 12 is that it comes with a creatively and innovatively designed grip.

The grip allows players to grasp the racket comfortably in the hands without straining your muscles or causing unnecessary pressure to the palm.

What is unique about this model is that it is a good choice for beginners as it does not require any specialized skills to handle and use.

  1. High-quality construction
  2. Impressive grip and handling
  3. Perfectly balanced
  4. Good for powerful smashes
  1. When not accustomed to it, its power may be too much to control for most beginners.

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket

Arcsaber 11 is a great addition to the large family of Yonex rackets.

Like other top quality rackets from this brand, Yonex Arcsaber 11 has high-end features that make the racquet a great choice for doubles.

The graphite material used in designing the frame is high quality leading to the seamlessly durability.

With a classic 4G grip, it is not only comfortable to grasp in hands but also absorbs the sweat produced in the hands after continuous playing sessions.

With a string tension of 26lbs, you are possible to make powerful and controlled shots against your opponents.

The even balance and stiff flex of this model enable players to make smooth swings that culminate in powerful shots.

Besides, the balanced frame also increases the swing speed thus allowing players to attain very high swing speeds that produce excessively powerful and well-controlled smashes.

When playing in a competition, it can give you an upper hand over your opponents and hence make it easy to win the game.

  1. Strong and durable construction
  2. Great smashing power
  3. Fast & smooth swings
  4. Excellent maneuverability
  1. Control is hindered when playing fast

Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket

An excellent racket for defense and attack, Voltric 5 by Yonex is a great choice for players looking for a classy racket that is specifically designed for doubles.

The frame of it is made using extra-high modulus graphite that is not only strong but also possesses other attributes like solidness hence smooth transmission of energy to the isometric racket head.

The outstanding racquet shows the excellent control properties thus makes it easy to use the racket in the competitions and tournaments.

If you have ever wanted to use a racket with an incredible smashing power, this is the perfect racquet purchasing.

The shaft is well designed to withstand intense pressure without bending or breaking thereby offering high resilience and increases repulsion.

It is strung with extra-hard nylon strings that are resistant to damaging weather effects such as water or even extreme exposure to sunlight.

It makes the racket a great choice in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The 4G grip in Voltric 5 ensures that it becomes easy and comfortable to hold the racquet in the hands even for long playing sessions.

  1. Strong and solid construction
  2. Powerful and controlled smashes
  3. High-quality shaft hence durable
  4. Evenly balanced
  1. The ease of control is lost when playing at fast speeds


There is no limits of the best badminton rackets for doubles in the market.

As what I concern, these racquets are all suitable for couples.

Hope you will find out the best racquet for your doubles.

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