Best Badminton Racket Stringing Machines

Best Badminton Stringing Machines

Like tennis, professional badminton players and badminton enthusiasts all want to stretch their strings for their racquet. Because, this helps them create badminton rackets with the most perfect parameters for them. In addition, you will save money for each stretch. The problem you need to solve now is any stringing machine?

I will share with you the 5 best badminton stringing machines today, choose the one that suits you best.

Top Stringing Machines for Badminton and Tennis

1. Gamma X-2 Racquet Stringing Machine

The Gamma X-2 is a table-top stringing machine that’s easy to operate. Featuring 2-point or quick 6-point V mounts, the product stays firmly in place as you work. That makes stringing tasks not only quick but also comfortable. The drop-weight tensioning mechanism of this model lies in the range of 9-90 pounds. This allows you a wide range of options for string tension.

The turntable rotates a full 360 making string tensioning an easy activity. The Gamma X-2 is also a durable product. The extrusion base is aluminium, a material that doesn’t get damaged easily.

The string gripper features a coat of diamond dust. Apart from providing a firm grip, the coating means an extended lifespan.


2. Gamma Progression II- 620 FC: 360 Degree Rotation Tabletop Racket Stringing Machine

This model is a versatile machine that you can use to string different rackets. It’s a drop weight stringer with a broad base. The wide base ensures your racket’s frame is held securely during stringing. The stringer comes with a tray on the base to store your tools. This allows comfortable and fast stringing.

The aluminium extrusion base makes this machine portable as well as durable. To make stringing even more comfortable, this model features a fully rotating turntable.

The turntable is made from steel and nickel plated for both aesthetic and durability. You also get an assortment of useful tools with this stringer.


3. OHHG Tennis Racket Stringing Machine Tabletop Racket String Machine


4. ASDNN Desktop Hand Crank Stringing Machine – Dual Purpose for Badminton and Tennis Rackets


5. VEVOR Stringing Machine – Dual Purpose for Badminton and Tennis Rackets



I hope that after reading this article you will be able to choose the right stretcher so that you will be able to use your racket as long as possible.

If you need to learn more about stretching the racquet, you can refer to the article How to string a badminton racket at home.