About Us

Badminton is sports which depends on a lot of skill, knowledge of the game and finesse. However, your skills can be augmented when you have high-quality products like rackets. Today, there are many products in the market which one can buy to take one’s performance in the game to a whole new level.

Hi, my name is Ngoc Khanh. I built this site with three purposes:

1. Providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary to choose for yourselves the racquets.

2. Reviewing products such as rackets related to badminton.

3. Guide you through the basic techniques of badminton from that help you to master your game.

Every year, better quality products come to the market. There are companies which are well known for consistently offering products like badminton rackets of superior quality. Such companies include Yonex, Lining, Victor, Senston… As you can see, there is no end of products. It is enough to confuse anyone! That is why, for your benefit, in this site, reviews of only the best products shall be given. We narrow down the products so that the part of making a good choice becomes easier for you.

Buying any sport related good or product is an investment, and no one wants to take something excitedly, only to find that they can’t use it. Perhaps you have bought a badminton racket in the past, only to find that it is too heavy? That is why you should always make an informed decision. On this site, we shall review products of well-known companies and brands. We use them and try them out so that you do not have to since it takes considerable time and effort.

The purpose of the website is not to sell you anything, but only to educate and inform you. We provide you with reviews of the finest products on the market so you can continue to get better in your game.